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I make bots., from Rhode Island

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Mar 17, 2024
    1. supervir2
    2. Peagis
      Hey spoon sent the payment for the Trail breaker head if you could just let me know when you'll be sending that out I'd appreciate it :)
    3. jbxfit
      I'm also in the market for a Trailbreaker head. PM me when you get a chance. Thanks.
    4. Peagis
      Hey Spoon I wanted to order that Trailbreaker head you made for the PRid Ratchet body that we talked about but I can't msg you on here, your inbox is full. Can you get back to me on this??
    5. Erector
      Alright dude - just tried to PM you and your box is full. Just checking we're still good on the commission. Drop me a line when you can.
    6. Dawgstar
      Hi just wanted to say a huge thank you for the head cast. I have used it on the build and have updated the thread. hope you like what i did. all the best and many thanks once again.

    7. Peagis
      spoonman has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.
    8. Wikkid
      Ok, thanks for the heads up.
    9. Wikkid
      By influence, I don't mean exact copy. I've got three other Swoops on the line-up that look more like yours than his. All the other Swoops were just a situation of, "Hey, an MP Swoop from Seeker, hmmm" kinda thing. If yours was designed without even the initial nudge from his idea, please lemme know.

      Thanks for gettin back to me so quick d00d. Appreciate it. :thumb
    10. Wikkid
      I'm currently in the process of getting the MP Swoop custom of the year 2010 feature up over at Sector 70. What I need to know is whether or not your own version was influenced in any way by Heir of the Dogs version. If so, I'll also ask for your permission to use a single image of your own version in the feature as well in a way to show it's influence.

      Please let me know soon and hopefully I can get this feature up tonight.

    11. Kilowog
      Sent the initial $25 payment and emailed ya with a stupid idea :)
    12. Kilowog
      Tweeted your dinobots to Derrick J. Wyatt, he approves! Says Snarl and Sludge are close to how he would have drawn them :)
    13. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      Cool...it must get annoying,all of the requests and "please check this and should i do that"
    14. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      have you heard the song Spoonman?
    15. Kilowog
      Yo, could you please check your pms? I am curious if I should make an attempt at the 2 auctions I linked or if i should look elsewhere
    16. Constructor
      SPOONMAN! Could you possibly make the ROTF scavenger
      from the supreme combining devastator set transform?
      Even if you just copied the legends class version's
      transformation it would blow people's minds!
    17. Dr. Grimlockisking
      Dr. Grimlockisking
      Hey Allen, was wondering if my emails had made it to you. Want to get you some money in exchange for your awesome work. Lmk. Thanks!
    18. Jazz44
      Hey spoonman, I was wondering if you still cast the classics megatron chest piece and if so how much will it be to get one. thanks.
    19. Torque
      hey, when you get a chance, check your email...
    20. The Crow
      The Crow
      Just got my hands on a G1 Overlord for a custom, going to need to order that Overlord head of yours? PM me the info! Thanks
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