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Feb 14, 2021
Jun 20, 2007
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Feb 14, 2021
    1. Autobot Burnout
      Autobot Burnout
      Hey, turns out my family is heading off for a three-day vacation on Saturday, so I'm not going to be able to get the Lolichop in game. Since Steam allows trading outside of the TF2 game client, just send me a message whenever you can over Steam when you're open for trade and I'm online.
    2. Spoiler
      YOU NEED KABOOM! Hahaha! I think, if you read the comic, it makes it more entertaining.
    3. ibreakthingz
      You know, whenever I see your signature, I always imagine Billy Mays saying it.
    4. optimegatron
      Hey, how are things?
    5. warriorpriest
      Hey spoiler. Long time. Hope you are well. I have a ton of alts and such I am selling. hit me up if you want. peace.
    6. Primewave
      I am thinking of starting my own comic
    7. Spoiler
      Which ones? A lot of them are the reissues, accomidated over the years.
    8. Primewave
      How did you get those G1 Figures?
    9. Spoiler
      Happy-Sad, it just has that emotion to it that makes you think of all the adventures those two had, how he passes it down, and just watches on.
    10. LesterX
      About my sig, do you mean sad-sad or happy-sad?
    11. Spoiler
      Thanks man, I try to make them better and better. You definately have some of the awesome paintjobs yourself.
    12. TCracker
      Dude, your customs are getting better and better! :thumb Awesome to see your works!
    13. Spoiler
      I found Kup at a Walmart on Saturday, as well as Laser Optimus and Bumblebee at TRU.
    14. Kup-is-Dion
      Have you been able to find any of the new Generations or RTS stuff at retail??
    15. eagc7
      there will be a toyline for Prime it is coming on oct 2011 according by hasbro and discovery
    16. Shawnbull11189
      if your interested in the toy show the date is september 12 i dont recall the other details off hand but you can web search
    17. nicholsG1
      hi. i'm starting a comic, and i was wondering if you wanted to be in it.
    18. jetfire4321
      so are you done with rotf scrraper?
    19. Fez Findie
      Fez Findie
      And another note; Pyro's a pyromaniac (or pyrophile almost...), as opposed to arsonist. He doesn't burn stuff with the intention to destroy or kill. If ya remember from long ago, he actually painted/taped the lines when he set the streets on fire. He rather keeps it under control as its an art form for him XD
    20. Spoiler
      I got the next one already put together, but no real explination of what Leaf Star was doing just yet. I will keep that in mind though.
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