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Oct 6, 2017
Jan 25, 2009
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Nightbird is my bitch

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Oct 6, 2017
    1. John_Force
      Hey man!
      Replied to your email and like I said, no rush. Get to it when you can.
    2. John_Force
      I resent my story, but can't find your story. I've searched through all my folders in my hotmail. Sorry, Dude. It was a awesome story.
      *edit*-Check your wife's hotmail's inbox and sent messages. Assuming she/ you didn't delete anything, the message you sent me should still be there.
    3. John_Force
      I sent it to your wife's email, as per last time. Hopefully you recieve it this time. School is going good. Grade 12, One more year and I start University.
    4. John_Force
      What is up, Spikex?
      How's the oilsands treating you?
    5. John_Force
      You had a chance to look at my story, yet?
    6. John_Force
      That sure does suck that their closing your daughters school. Hope you pull through.
      Have fun at Primus concert. There's no rush for my story. I've got exams, work during the summer and have to start writing my update for the DBA fan-fic in the fan-fic forum.
      So, we're both swamped.
    7. John_Force
      I got it on Facebook. Hope you had a good time.
      No rush on the story, I'm having writers block on the third part.
      You probably smoke?
    8. John_Force
      Was that you on Facebook?
      You look a little rough around the edges, but your still a great dude.
    9. John_Force
      Thank you so much, man. If you ever want some peer edit on your store before it's posted, hit me up. I tend to be quite good.
    10. John_Force
      I sent it. Let's hope this time it works.
      If not, shoot me a reply
    11. John_Force
      Could I send it to your wifes email and then she could send it to you?
    12. John_Force
      Just checking in, again, to make sure you got my email.
    13. John_Force
      Lucky for you, I don't delete my sent emails that often. I resend it in about 5 seconds. Stand by.
      Just sent it and my hotmail automatically filled in your address, meaning I sent it to the right one.
      Hint-Use hotmail.
    14. John_Force
      Hey Man
      Did you get my email with my second update?
    15. John_Force
      Thanks for the idea of the three plotlines. I think that might be a good idea. Start working on it on Friday. This is a busy week for me. My parents want to meet with my teachers cause I ain't too well. I'm passing, but not in a way that I like.
      I don't use a thesaurus, because I already have a pretty good vocabulary.
      I always wondered how you did it. My stories lack what yours have. I'm always comparing my stories to yours and wondering how my looks.
      I feel as though I'm pushing the action too much.
      Reply with your honest opinion
    16. John_Force
      Won't get to the message till tomorrow, but that's okay with me. Yeah I've been busy, trying to pass Mathomatics. I would love to get together with you, in the summer, unfortunatly. Not 18 yet, so beer's out of the question. But I would love to have some AJ at a Timmies or something.
      Talk to you later
    17. John_Force
      I've got a situation in my fan-fic. I'm introducing Metroplex and Trypticon and Predaking. The final battle will have three plot lines
      Optimus vs Megs
      Defensor vs. Predaking
      Trypticon vs Metroplex
      I've also chosen to have Galvatron reformatted for a third time into Hercatron. Don't hate me for the name, it's the best I could come up with.
      How should Predaking talk?
      Should he talk in roars and barks or like Omega supreme in short, direct sentences?
    18. John_Force
      Just started reading it, my friend.
      Love how you create such a serious mood and then back off to realize that it's all just fun.
    19. John_Force
      Bring in Chip and Spike. Do all that fun G1 stuff.
      But, yeah, the story so far in and of itself is amazing. Keep up the good writing.
      Should be e-mailing you the next installment of my story so you can do some editing to it.
    20. John_Force
      NP, Man. You being a editor for my fan-fic is a great idea. I always thought I could improve in some areas, likewise for you. Don't mean to be harsh or anything, but this is constructive criticism. In your fan-fic, are you going to include Sam and the Humans or is it going to be strictly Autobot/Decepticon storyline.
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