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    1. FanimusMaximus
    2. FanimusMaximus
      Epyon is from Gundam Wing.

      Iron Blooded Orphans is amazing go watch it.
      No seriously go watch it

      Just watch any Gundam for fucks sake!
    3. FanimusMaximus
      So you really never once watched Gundam?
    4. BDixonarts
      Howdy how ya been long time no talk. I saw you stopped following me on DA. I do enjoy your little icons :)
    5. Novaburnhilde

      I love your artwork and Pixel art. :) I Hope your doing well.
    6. WuLongTi
      that would be pretty handy if they fit... and it would, you know.. work w/ leading brands...
    7. WuLongTi
      thanks man ^__^

      yeah, I wonder if the mixel ball joints would work on the kreon balls.. so that you could just get those for parts to upgrade your existing Kreons...

      and yeah, I like the way mine look better too XP
    8. Turnman
      I really loved taking that pic. So cultural :lol
    9. ironjazz
      No thanks i'm ok thanks for the offer though.
    10. ironjazz
      Hi sorry for not replying sooner I was wondering do you still need that protean frogadier?
    11. ThunderbeePrime
      Sorry for the late reply. And I have been doing fine. I just started on drawing and did TFA Wasp and Bumblebee. I have a thread on the Fan Art board or you can go see them on my DA. Which ever works for you. :)
    12. Spider 001
      Spider 001
      Heh, and *I'M* supposed to be the one that doesn't like anything!
    13. Spider 001
      Spider 001
      Then you haven't really been reading my posts. I've been posting how I love the BH dragons & Ratbat & FOC & Generations & Metroplex & Megaplex & Strika & Depthcharge & Slipstream & Prime & Quake Wave & a ton of other stuff. I can't keep up/afford it all.

      Legions/Legends/Cyberverse, Constuctabots, Kreo & Bot Shots are all stupid horse shit that Hasbro shouldn't be wasting their time on. They should just focus on the main line like they did years ago & that's all. They have their fingers in too many pies & the quality is suffering for it. Leave the building blocks to Lego! If they would stop screwing around with all this other crap maybe they wouldn't have to use lower quality plastic on the main line & they could stop complaining that their sales are down. Now they're making upscaled legion class figures in place of deluxes. If money is such a huge problem for them then they should cut out the Legion class & Constructabot bullshit & put that money into the main line.
    14. Spider 001
      Spider 001
      I buy what I like. I bitch about what I don't like. Same as every single one of you!
    15. ThunderbeePrime
      Hey. How's it going, Soy? It's been a while. :)
    16. TFao
      Nothing comes to mind immediately. You're talking about a suitcase that one or both of them could hold scale wise, right? Don't think I have come across anything like that before... But I'll keep my eye out for one.
    17. TFao
      First off, really glad you like the pics!

      As for the fit, I can't say that they fit snugly. The gatling gun is the only one that actually pegs in perfectly (onto DotM Megs. Not sure if those are 5mm though). The handles on the other weapons though are significant enough to allow for being held.

      Hope this helps.
    18. kaijuguy19
      Ok. :lol

      I'm thinking of making BH Ratchet into Flatline.
    19. kaijuguy19
      He does construction as well as carpentry.
    20. kaijuguy19
      Good. I'm just doing chores lately as well as helping my dad at work.

      Hope you can find a job soon.
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