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Oct 9, 2020
Jan 29, 2008
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Oct 9, 2020
    1. DJW107PRIME
      Merry Christmas!
    2. gonzo23
      If it makes you feel better, I probably wont remember half of them!
    3. gonzo23
      Oh hell yeah! Nah, well no more than you're gonna give me! Its gonna be cool putting more faces to names.
    4. gonzo23
      Yeah well, I'm use to being wrong! Its when I'm right that I get scared!
    5. gonzo23
      Early to late teens. Nah, I thought 28-32.
    6. gonzo23
      No shit you're only 23?
    7. gonzo23
      Well, the job i was about to start back in june with CTA but they put a hiring freeze on is opening up in april. I am supposedly first on the list.
    8. gonzo23
      nope! nada! You?
    9. gonzo23
      Eh because I feel no so good and a no so bad!
    10. gonzo23
    11. gonzo23
      Feeling any better?
    12. gonzo23
      DAMN! did you see this? from a guy named snake eater:

      this feedback is not a negative or a positive for Mr. Bill Higa. I bought a ton of G1 tranformers from this guy a few months ago totally just shy of $700 in bots. I got them and over all the stuff was decent. But there were some things he failed to mention. For starters the Hot Rod (metal Toe edition) was not an original but a japanese reproduction I couldn't tell myself but a guy I sold it to told me it was. Bill claimed it to be original. Also he sent me a few insecticons and their weapons were painted and not orignal chrome. Also one of the robots to superion was broken. I didnt' realize this untill about a month ago. His legs fully detach from him body. And the main aierialbot (can't think of his name) his fists don't go in his hands anymore and are stuck prone out in that position. He was very misleading and he also never send me any extra paper work which was part of our agreement and a set of missiles for g1 star scream. Overall, not a good or bad experience just use caution w/this individual. I am not bashing him because I know everyone makes mistakes.
    13. gonzo23
      Those COD games are always badass, especially COD4! I'm hoping Santa is gonna be good and get me COD world at war!
    14. gonzo23
      It sucks, HARD!
    15. gonzo23
      dont tell me you got a wii fit?
    16. gonzo23
      Hopefully, but I cant run for shit!
    17. gonzo23
      I know! I dont take that shit seriously, Its all fun! Thats the worst feeling, having money and not being able to spend it. I've been good, I need to start running because I'm gonna take the power test for the glenview police. I have to be able to run a mile and a half in 14 minutes. pray for me!
    18. gonzo23
      What's up with the "bitch", eh?
    19. gonzo23
      Aw, you know how family can be!
    20. gonzo23
      Sorry! I'm trying to enjoy time with my family! trying...
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