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Nov 22, 2019 at 2:37 AM
    1. Soundwave3k
      Sorry, I am not making any heads any more.
    2. jon81
      Hello, i heard that you are selling upgrade heads for the bruticus maximus figures
      have any left?
    3. TacticalBacon
      OK, thanks for responding!
    4. Soundwave3k
      Sorry TacticalBacon (awesome name by the way), but I doubt I will ever get back to them again. I've simply gotten too busy with other things.
    5. TacticalBacon
      Have you thought of making those heads again? I was just wondering since your last post about it on this page is 9 months old.
    6. Soundwave3k
      Sorry everyone, I am no longer making any more custom heads. If this changes in the future I will let you know!
    7. Melmax14
      Do u still make the custom heads?
    8. mastermega
      just dropping by to say hey man whats up!
    9. Soundwave3k
      Sorry navarl,

      Thanks for the compliment but, I am no longer making these. If that every changes I will let you know in case you are still interested.


    10. navarl

      Would you still have the custom headcasts for Onslaught, Brawl and Vortex?
    11. mikeflosi
      Thanks for everything.

    12. GENOZAUR
      just a little scene i put together in my head the past couple days or so

      i call it a hero's sacrifice

      i feel the scene really gets inside the hero's head and thoughts to describe the all too personel spiritual struggle he goes through as he fights his opponent to the death one final time

      both scenes are set in the original 80's transformers animated movie and take place atthe very tail end of optimus primes fihgt to the death with megatron

      for this first half of the scene background music wise i would suggest gaogaigr background music projectile x theme
      YouTube - GaoGaiGar Projectile X (High Quality)

      especially the part of it that plays from 247 -347

      "I would have waited an eternity for this," "It's over, Prime." Optimus heard Megatron's voice, but it seemed so far away, so distant. "Crawl slave! on your knees! he gloated as he kept the gun trained on the Autobot leader despite being heavily damaged himself. Optimus struggled to his knees, balling his hands together for a final act of defiance as he gathers his remaining strength.He heard his own voice speaking to him. You’ve lost. Everything you’ve worked so very hard for has been destroyed. everyone you knew and loved in life has been killed. Its all over. all over. Through the morning fog which covered the battlefield He caught a glimpse of Alita, staring at him. her optics closed in vain as she tried to hold back the tears which streamed down her face her head bowed in sorrow. he saw in the distance his friends and his comrades.they who had given their lives for the code and their beliefs. their faces and optics which had once burned bright in life with hope and determination, were now haunted with greif and sorrow. Alita... I failed them, ive failed you...I've been trying so hard to bring back my past. old friends, old ways. maybe this is what it brings in the heart of a dead city. no past but megatron's rule, no future but Megatron's fist. Event hrough all the pain i can still hear them screaming Avenge me, a million dead scream to me AVENGE ME. no. No. NO! Its not over! I MUST NOT GIVE UP. I CAN NOT GIVE UP! “I WILL NEVER GIVE UP!” my past is dead but I'm alive and i OWE the dead for that. if i cannot deal with trouble like this i am no longer worthy of looking magnus and springer in the optics No, this can not break me, I am beyond this pain. i won't give into this. ultra magnus, hot rod, ,arcee i love you all too much. i will not let him hurt you. i WILL NOT LET HIM HURT YOU.

      while for the remaining half of the scene i would recommend gaogaigar back ground music deviding driver theme

      YouTube - GaoGaiGar - Dividing Driver

      from somewhere deep in his mind, from somewhere in that faraway place of chrystalline concentration and groggy perceptions, in that far away place of dreams and courage he found a final last well. he had descended into the very darkness within himself, the deepest level. it was partly in his mind, partly in his chest, mostly in his soul. a black pit of hate, anger, rage, wrath, greif and despair. incredibly compressed by his desire and longing for peace, compacted under incredible pressure by his very morale beliefs, held in stasis by the very rigid discipline he had trained himself to posess as a warrior . the pit exploded with all the pent up emotion's he had held in check throughout the greater majority of his entire lifetime up to this moment. A sudden surge of raw distructive energy exploded within primes damaged body as power rerouted from one subsystem to another, his faltering lifesighns peaked dramatically. Optimus had the strength and the determination to do what was necessary now all he needed was the will. Optimus looked up at his age-old nemesis, gasping for breath as his injuries robbed his system of the oxygen it needed to combust energon. Silence spread like a stifling blanket over the battlefield, Prime's horrible gurgling wheeze the only sound echoing across the tarmac. Optimus Prime looked into the eyes of the enemy. He knew that he was the only one who could stop this carnage. He called on the last of his strength for one final blow. he knew he could do it, he could take the monster down optimus was an autobot for whom the word surrender truly had no meaning. The power was there gaining strength like a raging wild fire. the fire like will of determination was burning deep inside of him begging to be released like the throttle handle to a power generator bent on overload but after that he would be spent and it would be over for him .for the sake of peace throughout the universe,for the comrades that i have lost ,my beloved, friends,and family all. for they who have died, and for those who still live that believe in me, right here and right now i will defeat you. for elita, for primus, for the autobot code let there be peace. he thought to himself . Optimus’s mind screamed at him to do something, anything to stop the destruction of his friends ,his family, his people. Frustration, fear and pain drove him forward, giving him a kind of tunnel vision where the only thing he could see was the smirk on Megatrons's face. Then the heroic Autobot gathered all his strength for one word as he threw back his head and screamed from somewhere deep within his soul a primal scream so terrifying and sharp it cut through the tyrant like a stunning blow to the temple.

      "N... never!" he yelled, gasping painfully, Linking his fists together, Prime swung his joined hands at the Decepticon's throat and made contact as he opens up on megatron from point blank range slamming both fists into Megatron's throat with a full circle round house punch as he bashes in the armor surrounding megatron's throat cutting of his ability to breath. the decepticon stumbled back 2 full steps as he brought his right hand up to his throat as he struggled to breath. the unintelligable sounds made by his airway as he attempted to draw breath sounded like a deathrattle. the momentary distraction was all the hesitation prime needed as he struggled to his feet. Turning his attention inward, he accessed the power of the Matrix. alita’s last stand had provided the inspiration. All it took was the slightest thought – a line of coding, fed from his processor down a length of fibre-optic cabling and into his systems. A slight re-direction of power flow here, a minute telescoping of a ventilation funnel there, and Matrix energy flowed into his body.he cold actually feel the energy as it traveled from his chest to his shoulders through his arms and into his hands. Turning a sacred life force into a weapon was the easiest thing in the world for Optimus Prime. Suddenly, he felt his own Spark twitch and begin to move, inward, toward the sacred artefact. Through their mental link, somewhere in his mind he heard Magnus cry out. He knew… they both knew… what it meant. If a prime were to employ the Matrix in this fashion, to have it consume and destroy the enemy it would likely consume the spark of its gaurdian as well. Violence, he remembered, always had a consequence. Magnus’ voice whispered in his mind. This is the purpose, it said, for which Transformers like you and I were created. we must never let our courage die,we shall fight to our last breath my brother, for with these hands we shall create victory. utilising the age old teachings of circuitsu he called forth energy from his very spark. matrix energy began to glow at his finger tips soft and white at first then with the color changing to a light bluish white as the power built up in intensity. lightning like pathways of energy began to arc back and forth as the energy increased. crackling and humming in near spider web patterns between his hands and fingers as the power built up in intesity and strength.The power doubled, then tripled, then swelled beyond measure. prime willed the energy to flow from his hands into a fiery blueish white spere hovering in the air between his hands as it materialised in the air. "DECEPTICONS, LEAVE THIS PLACE OR DIE" he screamed. the wind carries his words to every corner of the city. those of megatron's troops who were still alive looked on in shock, disbelief annd silence. the very sight of prime has chilled them to their very sparks. concentrating mightily he willed the energy to coalensce into a speroid like form of pure matrix energy as it hovered in midair between his hands.
      i have tried reasoning with you, he thought silently to himself and i have tried making peace with you megatron. but the only language you will ever understand is violence. "you wanted power so badly megatron here" he spoke to his enemy as Optimus stopped hesitating and unleashed the full fury of the matrix The energy was blistering, and the temperature soared as the energy ball went soaring through the air at incredible speed. megatron had but a single moment to glimpse the ball of incredibly distructive energy as it sped towards him like a bolt of lightning before it exploded against his chest with a sound like thunder as it bashed the central portion of his chest inward completely ruining the purple decepticon insignia as it is peeled half away. The Decepticon leader went flying over the edge of the building, striking other ledges The impacts against more outcroppings of rock add to Megatron's damage, each resounding crunching noise, robbing him of energy and racking his being with pain as armor is sheared off by hard rocks Fracturing the sides which split , spilling wires, fuses, lights, circuitry Sparks fly from the many wounds and his battered armor leaks energon freely, then suddenly... the ground is gone and he finds himself falling and too weak to fly. before he finally crashed to the city street below. his body convulses and shakes like a puppet whos strings have become entangled trying to move, but his systems seem to be rebelling against him . on the cliff Optimus stands tall, armor damaged and bearing heavy wounds, Prime stands, silent vigil over the torn wasteland, His thoughts are almost those of someone in shock, 'is he really gone this time' he asks himself while making sure that Megatron had fallen.suddenly a tightening pain fills primes chest as he clutches his left hand to his fuel pump, his knees gave way as vertigo overcame him. and he collapsed on the cliff's edge.
    13. Trailbreaker77
      I would but I don't know what her name is.
    14. rattraprules98
      Please respond
    15. rattraprules98
      Just makin' sure you got my last message that includes shipping info.
      Sorry about all of the messages.:(
    16. Superquad7
      Oh, you're welcome, and thanks for sharing! I've still got some tweaking to do on it, but not a whole lot :)

      Keep rockin' man :thumb
    17. Superquad7
      Who's Supersquad? :lol

      ol' supersquads got him another :wink:
    18. Superquad7
      Hey man, I just wanted to give you a heads up that I'm working on finishing up your tutorial, and hopefully sometime next week it'll be completely finished. Thanks so much for your contribution!
    19. BB Shockwave
      BB Shockwave
      Hi Steve!

      Glad to know there are some folks of Hungarian descent being TF fans as well! The world is a small place - I once did buisness with Ghenzao who's from China, and he turned out to be of hungarian descent as well. There are quite a few Transfans in Hungary - if you speak hungarian, you are more then welcome to join our message board -
      Hunformers! You need to register, but be sure to look around, we have a lot of discussion about toys, cartoons, movies etc...


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