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Lost in G1

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Mar 19, 2024
    1. pziomek
      Dig the video reviews. I liked the AJ Lee review. I'm a big wrestling fan and collect wrestling figures. Any more in the future?
    2. Soundout
      Ironhide and Dreadwing were from east side TRU. Hot Shot was from Lomas Target
    3. ORIO
      What store did you find ironhide, Dreadwing and hot shot?
    4. Grimlock#1
      :( well its okay not ur fault watch next year no goseiger candy toys only shinkenger and gokaiger
    5. Grimlock#1
      Hey sounout love ur youtube reviews the first one i saw was the candy toy shinken-oh review and I have a quick question. do you, by any chance know where i can still get an unbuilt shinken-oh and daitenku for a cheap price pm me if you do
    6. jazz4ever
      Hey buddy, How are You?
    7. $shockwave$
      anytime :thumbs2:
    8. $shockwave$
      salutaions mate :D , god i am acting like a total :noob friends? i subscribed to you on youtube :lolol
    9. ConeheadConvoyX
    10. zero minor
      zero minor
      true and the movie looks good but still they wood make more money$ if they had both the cartoon and the movie think of the toys and what not but cartoon network is so full of it self they wood never put more transformers on the air they only wont flapjack and crap like that only souped shows for like lil kids ug raping my childhood LOL
    11. zero minor
      zero minor
      but that's stupid i love the movie but its like you also wont a good story to go with that and well transformers animated has really good story's they can go on and on its like the best season sens BW
    12. zero minor
      zero minor
      tell me about it its like the coolest transformers sens BW it sucks that CN and what not are not giving a crap about it
    13. zero minor
      zero minor
      cool cool so can you like not what for the last two eps of transformers animated ug i can not believe that this is the last season
    14. zero minor
      zero minor
      hay man hows it hanging
    15. MetaKathro
    16. jazz4ever
    17. ORIO
      I've found everyone BUT Grimlock. Out of all of the wal-marts the only ones that DON'T have animated toys are San Mateo, Carlisle, and Bernalillo. Check the sightings thread I detailed what was at each one there
    18. ORIO
      Are you kidding?

      Haha I've been to all NINE wal-marts in the Albuquerque/Rio Rancho area (including the ones on Rio Bravo and in Bernalillo) and have found everyone BUT Grimlock. But word on the street is Target is getting their animated figures, to tie into the DVD release, tomorrow! So I'll be there for sure and let ya know if I find any :)
    19. ORIO
      Hey dude, are you in Albuquerque?
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