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    1. Dran0n
      I've been following them very closely... But I didn't think it'd be so soon! They need to get the release date out there NAOW.
    2. Hazekiah
      Ah, DAMN. I'm truly sorry then, and offer you my sincerest apologies for that outburst, in that case. Really, my bad, that's actually quite friendly and honorable of you and I just COMPLETELY misinterpreted your meaning due to the context in which I found it. I think if you take a quick peek at the messages from everyone else which surrounded it on my profile wall you'd probably understand how I arrived at my mistaken conclusion there. But, forgive me, you didn't deserve to be lumped in like that. Honestly, thanks for explaining and I can only offer my deepest apologies. :-\
    3. Hazekiah
    4. eagc7
      What soldier was decapitated?
      Watch the scene where Fallen arrives to egypt and u will see
    5. Dran0n
      Dirty Magic is one of my favorites off of Ignition as well. It's sort of the black sheep of the album, but it's fantastic.

      Yeah, Rise and Fall had its moments, and I don't hate it, but it could've been much better.
    6. Dran0n
      I am really coming to like Ignition... I need Session and such pretty badly.
      I've had limited exposure to Ixnay, but I love the big hitters like Gone Away and Cool to Hate and such.

      2012? God, that's so far away... Think it'll be like Rise and Fall? I kinda hope not.
    7. Dran0n
      Their early work is my favorite, man. I hold Smash in the highest of regards. I downloaded "No Hero" and "L.A.P.D." earlier today as well ... quality. Kinda wish they'd hurry up and release the new album... Getting a little excited.
    8. Dran0n
      I noticed your avatar there...

      Fellow Offspring fan?
    9. IceMagnus
      Hey, okay so there was this earthquake in my state and you know what it got me inspired for what might happen in the next episode of TF: Prime. =]
    10. Team Prime
      Team Prime
      great excuse to RP...*punches your face*
    11. eagc7
      Wow, Ironhide in Prime actually might happen.
      Transformers: Prime (toyline) - Transformers Wiki
      Check out the only Cyberverse Commander listed.
      one of priem producers said that there are no plans for introduce ironhide in the show at the moment despite having a toy
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