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Mar 11, 2023
Nov 19, 2008
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Mar 11, 2023
    1. EPIC J0HN
      EPIC J0HN
      I just came across your custom WFC megatron are you still selling him I know you made that post a long time ago but I had to ask. It looks amazing
      1. SonOfNemesis
        Thank you, I actually sold that one a long time ago but thanks for asking about him. It was one of my latest customs.
        Jan 1, 2023
    2. Dunkle
      Ay mate! I came here from that MP grimlock page from earlier and I seriously appreciate you allowing me to pm you about your technique, I’m pretty much new at this so I’ve been researching some painting techniques with an airbrush and really some general tips and advice so I’d like to ask you several questions if you don’t mind.
    3. Soundwavelover2004
      Love your customs they are cool
      1. SonOfNemesis
        Thank you, I appreciate your comment!
        Dec 8, 2018
    4. Ranz
      I came across an old ad for air brush paints, do you still have them? If so are they still good?
      1. SonOfNemesis
        I sold off quite a few but do still have some left that haven't been used since I posted the ad. They're all still good. I'll send you a pm with an update list when I get home this evening.
        Feb 10, 2018
      2. SonOfNemesis
        I have almost full 4oz bottles of Auto Air Colors Metallic Pewter, Candy Apple Red, Candy Racing Blue, and Charcoal Viola (this is like a graphite metal color with a hint of purple). I also have a couple bottles of 2oz 70% full, Wicked Colors Purple and a 50% full, Wicked Silver.
        Feb 12, 2018
      3. SonOfNemesis
        $1.50 for the 2oz and $2.50 for the 4oz plus shipping. The 2oz bottles alone sell for $5.99 each.
        Feb 12, 2018
    5. Ranz
      I want to get the G2 Lambor if it's still available. Let me know.
      1. SonOfNemesis
        Yes it is.
        Sep 14, 2017
      2. Ranz
        Sweet! I'll take it. Whats the addy for pp? How soon can you get it sent out?
        Sep 14, 2017
      3. SonOfNemesis
        Sep 14, 2017
    6. SoundwaveSuperior
      Hey, just checking if you've seen my more recent messages. Been a few days since I last heard from you.
    7. SoundwaveSuperior
      Hey man, just wanted to check if you saw my PM
    8. Pinpoint
      I saw that alphatron creep is on your friends list. Take him off.

      He targets female (or supposedly female) users, prying into their personal info and trying to hook up with them. He came after me once (even though I'm not female) and tried guilt tripping me into adding him onto his friend list. I managed to stop him, but I went through his VMs and a lot of the convos he has with other users are pretty invasive.

      He's banned right now, but he'll probably be back. Just avoid him.
    9. Fallout
      hey man, still wanting to sell your ravage/rumble/soundwave?
    10. pilotmaster70
      So how about that video?
    11. Maximal Protoss
      Maximal Protoss
      Alright. Link me when you can.
    12. Maximal Protoss
      Maximal Protoss
      Any luck on the new pictures of the parts?
    13. Jet
      May I ask u somethin
    14. thunder117
      Please check my PM to you.
    15. pumpkingonzo
      That is an amazing idea :)
      I'd love to have a piece of your art in my collection! It would be special to me.
      Might take a while, but I love the idea mate!!
    16. pumpkingonzo
      Hi Zac!
      Your Scorponok is simply outstanding!
      One of the best customs I've ever seen.
      Take a bow Sir :)
    17. supernova222
      hey man, hows the commish coming
    18. supernova222
      cool, cant wait to see it
    19. supernova222
      hey man, how goes the commission
    20. pumpkingonzo
      Taken your advice about video reviews :)
      Bought a new toy which I'll try out very soon.
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