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    1. fire_shadow
      2 Something something truths.

      11 No one would ever get past level 3 because they wouldn't realize that to get out of the giant flying whale's stomach you have to summon an inter-dimensional time/space banana and eat it.

      13 oic

      14 What the fuck... Oh and how do you always fine these videos with like 3 views and 1 comment?

      1 Will read later, don't have time.

      2 That is a bit surprising. Although, a lot of those shows are those crappy cartoons made simply so kids have something to watch when the good cartoons aren't on. Oh and I read "Super News" as "Super Jews."

      3 Saw those on Giz and they look stupid? Why would you want one? Plus, knowing Art Lebewhatever, they'll cost 10 times more than a solid and durable alternative.

      4 I NEED to see that episode...

      5 You want what to happen? And how come Megs looks just like he does in rotf?

      6 Luckily it only lasted a few seconds, for me. Then the effect went away... Although it's kind of doing it in my head as I type...

      7 I suddenly feel so lazy... My current PW manuscript is like... 20 pages long... Oh and did he say his friend's name is Kevin FINN? And holy shit he's wearing a wedding ring... When the hell did that happen? Also, he mentioned best case and worst case scenarios, but I'm wondering if he's doing this with a few friends or if he's in talks with professionals. I'm curious.

      8 I hope Blitzwing is in DOTM, but that picture of him looks faaake.
    2. fire_shadow

      10 Except the family vacation photos... Unless after the couple found this girl they went on vacations in between being eaten by zombies...

      11 I could see an RC text based game... Something to do with Sapodilla's palace.

      13 lolwat

      14 The background music is creepy yet strangely beautiful...
    3. fire_shadow
      Yeah so I think the trolls have kind of taken over the Gawker comments... Fuck... Of course, some of the editors and Nick Denton are trolls... But still...
    4. fire_shadow

      8 *explosion*

      10 I know... At first I just thought it was some girl running from zombies that these people found and took in, but then when it turns out it was there daughter well... *sniffle* Although what kind of dumbass parents let their kid run around by themselves during a zombie apocalypse? Of course... I guess they might not have known about it and it just started... But I didn't think about that earlier... And they sure were prepared for zombies with their knives and pick axes.

      11 I miss Adams... And we should make something similar to this... Maybe as like an easter egg game if we ever make an S&S game.

      12 Huh...
    5. fire_shadow
      2 YES IT DOES!


      9 Well that doesn't matter... They would have still had to cross or go around SC to get there...

      10 I'm not going to lie... That was sad as hell... If I was less of a man I might have *sniffle* cried...

      11 Well it took me 50 seconds to die... I will beat this game... Eventually!

      12 Rainbow whatever sure is proud of her flat chest. Oh and is she a lesbian or what?

      13 ...Seriously though... That dead island short should be turned into a full length movie... Of course I'd already know the ending, but still...
    6. fire_shadow
      2 I know. I'm just a smartass.

      7 well that's what the note said. It might be specific to certain things or it could be a fine print thing that is enforced about as much as the "you must be 18 or older to view material on this website." messages on certain websites.

      8 Yeah... Eat some bananas... I don't feel like explaining the science behind it, bur it will help.

      9 That... Makes no sense...
    7. fire_shadow
      I have sent you a text. Text me back so I can make sure I have the right number.
    8. fire_shadow
      0 Oh okay.

      2 Oh really? Ghibli made an anime about slenderman? Please share the link.

      4 You... Might want to delete the last one... Just sayin...


      7 So earlier I was the only person home and I was expecting the UPS guy aaaaany minute. Unfortunately, you have to be 21 to sign for it, so I was all "Y U HAVE TO BE 21!?" but just decided to answer the door anyway. So the UPS man (AKA Teddy Roosevelt he had the mustache and fedora and everything) hands me the signy pad thing and asks me to sign it (which I did... horribly... It looked like a ****** who just figured out how to write his name with a carrot) and then he hands me my package. I was stunned... It was way too easy... This whole process has just been such a pain, but just like that I got it... My iPhone which is fucking beautiful as... Something that is incredibly beautiful. Do an image search for "It's beautiful" that's how I feel right now. And it is almost finished syncing... So happy... And kind of hungry... But that's irrelevant. Oh and I'll text you in a minute to let you know I can text and all that, but don't text me until I text you because I don't want to fuck up my sync right before it's finished.
    9. fire_shadow
      0 Bradley Buxton... lolwat? im confus

      1 Oooooor... And this is just a guess... But maybe thumb chewing is code for cocaine.

      2 Speaking of slendy and his arms, I had this thought that if slendy was ever in a cartoon or movie or something (the thought actually came to me when thinking about him fighting finn, so picture him in AT) and was fighting someone, let's say Finn, that if his arms or tentacles or legs or anything were cut off, that the part that was cut would instantly turn into a black liquid and splash on the ground and then become like a shadow and slide over to slendy and absorb back into him... It's kind of hard to explain...


      4 Damn, you made a bunch. I especially liked the J G Quintel one and Y U NO MAKE SAMMICH? one.

      6 Muahahaha!!! By hurting myself immensely, I can give temporary slight mental pain to anyone! TOTALLY WORTH IT!

      7 Well they stopped putting in the actual drug, but now they strip the leaves of all their... Drugy stuff... And use the juice.
    10. fire_shadow
      Fucking UPS... They either need to ship stuff early in the fuckin morning like 7 am so you have time to get to their store before it closes, or they need to keep their friggin stores open to a decent hour. According to the little note thing, the store closes at 2. They tried to deliver the package at like 3. THIS MAKES NO SENSE! FUCK YOU UPS I WILL KILL YOU!
    11. fire_shadow
      0 PW I told you I'm writing it in book form, right? I mean I can't remember the last time I worked on it and I only have like 1 chapter finished and some notes about other chapters... But still...

      1 Maybe thumb chewing is code for cocaine.

      2 Huh... Can't say I'm impressed by it. It just looks like a copy of that other rake picture except weird and fuzzy...


      4 Speaking of the Y U SO/NO guy. Apparently my iPhone would have arrived today. Except instead I got a note saying they tried to deliver it... FFFFUUUU IPHONE! Y U SO HARD TO GET!?

      5 By the time you typed that, I think I had already closed my laptop and gone to bed.

      6 So last night when I was looking for my rake picture (which I found, and it's not as good as I remember), I opened this aluminum box with a latch on the front, thinking it might be in there. It wasn't and I closed the box (which when you slam the lid down, the latch automatically closes shut) and when I did, I heard a bit of a crunch and felt horrible pain on my finger... It closed on a bit of skin on my left hand's middle finger... It was yellow and purple and red from the blood... And damn it hurt... Today it doesn't feel so bad, it's a little sore and a little numb and only a little bit purple, but damn it hurt last night.

      7 So apparently Coke actually does contain cocaine leaves... Coke has a deal where they're allowed to strip coca leaves of their cocaine and use the juice in Coke. That's interesting...
    12. fire_shadow
      Movie Shockwave looks fucking badass. Oh and is there an official pic of him? I mean there's a shot of him in the game trailer and he's on the game poster yet I don't remember ever seeing a pic of him...

      I just realized something. Pic and oic are similar and o and p are right next to each other on a keyboard. I'm surprised I haven't typoed the two words.
    13. fire_shadow
      0 That does sound pretty crazy when you say it. At the same time, if a few years ago you told me I'd be typing on a free laptop from Google, while waiting on my Verizon iPhone to arrive and trying to write a book and watching news instead of cartoons... Well I would have looked you in the eyes and said "Huh... That's odd..."

      11 Oh okay.

      3 Thank you. Will watch when I'm not on my CR-48 (it has some speaker and auxiliary issues that occasionally cause sound to sound demonic).

      1 I want to do an adaption of it, but with several liberties taken... Like more time to show Fear Dubh at the people's castle n stuff. And like the 3 year old would be more like 14 or something. And there would be some explanation as to why this kid can wipe out like 3 fuckin armies and a trio of slendermans. Like the kid is fuckin heman or something. And also in addition to the group of captured people's scream, they'd also send a messenger hawk. The dude in the woods would hear the scream and the kid would get the messenger hawk. And... Uh... Well there's the whole biting of the thumbs thing which I didn't understand at all... And yeah...

      2 Still on CR-48. Still can't see. Will talk about later.

      3 No and no. I will not, shall not, cannot assimilate. I won't do it! I will not ever watch my little ponies! And in rc there shall be a group of horses called my little pwnies.

      4 I went to mcdonalds and got a something something bacon bbq burger thingamajig. It had no bacon... MCDONALDS! Y U GIVE ME NO BACON!? I love that meme...
    14. fire_shadow
      11 What is /co/'s specialty? I've never been there.

      3 Neeeever heard of this person. Link?

      23 ...Holy shit... We need to bomb that cloud to hell before they doom us all...

      1 That... In no way, shape, or form was anything like zalgo, rake, or slendy... That story was fucked up. And I mean that in a good way. And that 3 year old has to be fucking Chuck Norris as a baby. No other explanation. Anywho, I could see that being sort of an origin story, but only if you add a bunch of stuff to it and change stuff around. Anywho, I want to know what Fear Dubh had planned for the men... He didn't seem evil except for the whol cursed castle thing... Fear Dubh sounds badass. I have to steal that name and use it for something. Maybe I'll rename Shadow Fear Dubh... Or something...
    15. fire_shadow
      11 That is weird... /b/! Y U SO NOT INSANE!?

      3 I guess I need to look into it more... I also need to learn how to use it like with tutorials on youtube n stuff. Same with photoshop. I need to be able to use the photoshop essentials software that came with my tablet before buying actual photoshop... Since I barely know how to use essentials... LERNING SOFTWARE AM HARD!

      23 I just learned about the oort cloud... There needs to be more scifi involving the oort cloud... It's basically a big cloud of crap in our solar system that could be hiding anything in it and some people think there's a planet 4 times the size of jupiter in it.
    16. fire_shadow
      11 Was it like pony hentai or just... A discussion of the show?

      3 I don't really want to do flash animation... Maybe my love of Apple things makes me dislike flash, I don't know, but I'm very meh about it. Of course it could still be a good learning tool and I could end up liking it. And also, I hate the price of a lot of software. It's redonkulous. I mean 140 bucks is a loooot better than 700, but it still seems like too much. I guess I'm spoiled as most software I buy these days is usually on my ipt and usually like... A dollar... Or maybe 3.

      6 LIES!
    17. fire_shadow
      Aaaaand now I'm off to bed.
    18. fire_shadow
      10 ...Whatever... Sapodilla's full name should be like, King Emperor Prime Minister Lord Chief Executive Officer President Sapodilla The Great Wise Wonderful And Not At All Evil Or Cruel.

      11 I was just thinking more along the lines of gay buttseks. The flaw being that I would have to search for gay buttseks, but really... It's not like that's any worse than goatse... Oh and speaking of this, I've been spending a lot of time on 4chan recently and while I spend most of my time on /s/ and rarely visit /b/ they seem very... Tame... Like I think ED is a lot more horrifying than 4chan these days.

      2 I dislike excessive slomo and dislike the dislike of all slomo.

      3 I didn't have movie maker, either. I had to go download it and it was complicated and a bitch. I think MS must have discontinued it or something. Oh and I do have... Whatever the OS X video editing software is that I'm too lazy to look up... Which is supposedly pretty damn good, but I've used it like 3 times.

      6 I keep reading "mail" as "mall"... And I can't wait for teleportation so that when things are ordered it takes all of 15 seconds for them to arrive. Oh and also:

    19. fire_shadow
      I don't know what's up with AIM, but I emailed you my information.
    20. fire_shadow
      10 No idea... Maybe the have Prime Ministers or something... I really don't know the difference... I need to learn. I mean it's confusing. Like I thought President was the term for a leader elected by popular vote in a democratic country, but Mubarak was a dictator and was president for 30 years...


      a) Never heard of this before, thank you for telling me about it...

      b) Not as gross as I imagined.

      c) I could only really fit one face in there and it doesn't send the right message. Because the users would be the ones getting face raped to the point of puking... I'd have to like photoshop the Gawker logo on the girl's face and write "Nick Denton" with an arrow pointing to the guy's face.

      2 Yeah. I like slomo, I just think it should only be used so much. I dislike people who dislike slomo.

      3 Yeah... I might try a few hand drawn rc animations. Like 10 second long animations. I can't remember exactly how I made animations on my xp laptop, but they weren't half bad for cheapo animations made using nothing besides ms paint and movie maker.


      6 I am far too impatient. I'm about to go fracking crazy waiting for my iphone to arrive... I almost wish I just stood in line for 5 hours on friday...
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