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sup bro?!?! I forget what it was right now, but a guy in the thread suggested something and I think he nailed it Ill go look when I get home Oct 25, 2017

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Jan 24, 2022 at 6:36 PM
    1. Fallout
      hey bro, this is a longshot but i figure if anybody has both of these guys it'd be you. any chance you got both hftd highbrow and gdo powerdive? the two p-38's? if you do, can you check for me if powerdive's mask could replace highbrow's pretty easy, giving him the visor instead of the aviator goggles? thanks bro
      1. Snake_eyes1975
        I DO have both! I have a busy weekend but ill try to pull them out. They arent quite P38s...but they are close.
        Jul 13, 2018
      2. Fallout
        yeah but let's face it, we're not gonna get a closer p-38 lmao. plus the deco on highbrow is almost dead-on for the p-38 in the smithsonian so i'll take it ;)
        Jul 13, 2018
    2. Snake_eyes1975
      sup bro?!?! I forget what it was right now, but a guy in the thread suggested something and I think he nailed it Ill go look when I get home
    3. Fallout
      wassup man? did you ever find out what type of jets tlk nitro was an amalgamation of? looking at the fuselage im thinking part of him is an f-20 tigershark, but i don't know if there's others jet bits mixed in there
    4. Fallout
      1. Snake_eyes1975
        those look great bro! No more room for seekers here, but ill spread the word to a buddy.
        Sep 18, 2017
    5. jmannrock
      I found your thread about DotM LC Bee, and the pics wouldn't come up (probably because it's years old haha), I was just wondering if could share any of them with me, to get a feel of what you did
      1. Snake_eyes1975
        For sure. Just got out of surgery. Give me a few days
        Jul 19, 2017
      2. jmannrock
        No worries! Hope it went well :)
        Jul 19, 2017
    6. PlanckEpoch
      Thanks. I think it's tough giving a real "objective" kind of review and rating for a toy 'cuz even though you might like something, others might not like it at all. So my philosophy for toys is that all you need to do is talk about the personal things you liked or didn't like about it and whether or not you think people should give it a try. =)
    7. gman
      Hey man, did you ever receive your order from zhanfulon in china? I've just ordered with him, but he's not shipped within the expected two days.
      1. Snake_eyes1975
        I never got it bro...sorry. hope yours goes better
        Dec 31, 2016
      2. gman
        Sorry to hear that dude. Yeah hope mine arrives....
        Jan 1, 2017
    8. Fallout
    9. Fallout
      i hate the tru one lol. i get it's going for cartoon accuracy but the cartoon was ugly as fuck. the old mold turns from a realistic jet to a badass looking robot. i love the curve of the legs.
    10. Fallout
      hey brother man, waddup? i got me a walmart starscream with the hip kibble cut off and moved to the legs and back. super cool
    11. guard convoy
      guard convoy
      Everything is good my friend lol hatred of harmony gold still burns brightly in me still haha
    12. Snake_eyes1975
      yup. I have the old mold skywarp and walmart starscream. they are by far the best seekers. You CANNOT beat the old mold jet design no matter hwat anyone says. and the old mold clicked together.
    13. Fallout
      bro, i'm getting so hyped. have you seen the ol takara masterpiece skywarp and tcracker? i never looked at em till now but the jet modes are fuckin gorgeous. they're a solid color and they're just beautiful
    14. Fallout
      lmk if you see a cheap walmart ss or skywarp tho.
    15. Fallout
      nawh i got one for $225 a few months ago. thanks bro.
    16. OptimusTimelord
      Ha ha, no I didn't know about that! Cheers for letting me know, hopefully it will get me a few more subscribers :)
    17. Anti-Venom
      Your Inbox is full
      How much for the Thrilling 30 legends bumblebee?
    18. Butuman
      Thank you too good sir! I always forget to leave feedback, so thanks for reminding me, I look forward to deal with you again soon.
    19. gbm
    20. Fallout
      i'm still kicking myself over missing a $40 walscream a few months back...
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