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Oct 8, 2012
    1. Dadimus Prime
      Dadimus Prime
      Just wanted to let anyone who visits this page know that SludgeDrinkBeer is one of the Coolest Mutha Suckas Around!

      Hey bro, been a while, I sent you a PM. Get back to me when ya get a chance!
    2. BigRC83
      Hey man! It has been a while. Anything new?
    3. BigRC83
      Hey man! How is it going? Would you like to meet up for ROTF?
    4. BigRC83
      I did not go Friday night. I was under the weather. I fact, that whole weekend I was not feeling to well. But I still went to BOTCON thought. I couldn't miss that. Thanx for the complement on my BOTCON haul. I wish I picked up that $35 Encore #15 Cassette set from the TFSource both. Oh well. I was debating whether to pick up G1 Computron, G1 Defensor, or G1 Superion. I was really lucky to find a good deal on a G1 Superion. Excellent conditon, complete, with the gift set version instruction booklet all for $100. Skylynx is also awesome. Nice haul on your end also. Those exclusives are awesome. Since you had the Primus package, how was that studio tour? Talk to ya later!
    5. BigRC83
      Hey man, did you ever go to BOTCON?
    6. BigRC83
      I am still not sure if I am going to the bar meet up. I will go to the pre-release sale in the Cerritos TRUs. Will there be another meet up Saturday?
    7. BigRC83
      Hey man! How are things on your end? Any new toys? Still going to BOTCON? What about that TFW bar meet up? Going to Parts Party? How was your girlfriend's trip to Europe? See ya!
    8. Seeker24
      Things are going ok dude. The collecting has slowed down a bit, just to save up some money for some movie stuff and Bot Con. I went to F&S looking for red alert, but no dice. hopefully they have everything at bot con. im pretty excited for BC. its gonna be my first time there.
    9. Seeker24
      How's it going dude?
    10. BigRC83
      Sorry, but I am not going to Frank's today. I need to save up the rest of my $$$ for BOTCON.
    11. BigRC83
      Picked up Red Alert today at Frank's. Toy Arena sold me that figure for only $20! I wonder how they stay in business. Red Alert is totally worth it. Anyways, I finally saw a Masterpiece Grimlock in person today. It looks incredible. I will pick it up at BOTCON (I hope.) Take care!
    12. BigRC83
      Hey, did you pick up any new toys today?
    13. BigRC83
      Hey thanx. But I think I will wait until after next Friday (payday.) Thanx again thought.
    14. BigRC83
      Okay, great. I will let you know. Thanx.
    15. SludgeDrinkBeer
      If you want me to pick up something for you next week, let me know?
    16. BigRC83
      I also hate the commute there. It would have taken me over a hour yesterday. I cannot go on Saturday because of my work schedule.
    17. BigRC83
      Sorry, but I never went. Traffic on the 605 was horrible so I had a change of heart. Did you go?
    18. BigRC83
      Hey, going to Frank's today? ToyArena's site has Red-Alert in stock!
    19. BigRC83
      Hey thanx, but I thought BOTCON started on the 30th. I'll go on Friday if it starts that day.
    20. BigRC83
      Congrats. Those are really great figures you picked up. That micromaster that comes with Steeper really makes the toy worth wild. How much was that Star Saber? Was it complete? I will probably pick up Red-Alert on Wednesday (if they have it.) Yes, I did see the new images from FansProject. That Springer looks amazing so far. Hopefully it will not be overpriced. I think the reason why your messages show up in your profile is because you post them in your profile visitor messages. You are suppose to type messages in the profile of the person you are trying to contact. I have already ask my boss to schedule me off for that weekend. Hopefully he will not forget. I may show up to that Parts Party Megamus and Gen1Fan are having. Hopefully it will be fun and not awkward. I will purchase some of the ROTF toys. Believe it or not I am looking forward to the Scout class releases the most. Those have some very nice detail.
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