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Apr 4, 2012
    1. rxlthunder
      You know, you may want to go to your user CP and change your eBay name from dont have one to nothing because putting in dont have one puts a link to the made up ebay user literally named dont have one.
    2. Eric
      The Xbox 360 slim and the PS3 both have wireless capabilities, but you would need a wireless router instead of a wired router. One way or the other, you would need a router.
    3. Eric
      No problem. I'm not much in the know about routers, I just use a wired connection for my Xbox. As far as Gamertags/PSN ID names's best to stick with a name that says about who you are, and what you like. Just be creative with the name.
    4. Autobus Prime
      Autobus Prime
      S: Not much, chief. :) Welcome to TFW.
    5. Inikalord
      No problem.
    6. Inikalord
      I'm only doing a calculated guess at how many episodes there would be based on the amount of filler that made up the first 98 episodes of Kai if there was going to be a Buu Saga.
    7. Chromia217
      Yes I would, but I like Megatron better than Galvatron character-wise, even tho they are the same Con.
    8. Chromia217
      I also didn't like Galvatron version either. I as well liked Kup, Jazz, Wheeljack, Soundwave, Shockwave. Lots of great characters.
    9. Chromia217
      Oh that's cool. I was a kid during the time of G1 when it was on, so u know how old I am! I love the movies, I still love G1, I'm starting to get into TF Prime, if they would ever come on with the 2nd season. Ironhide is and always has been my fave, along with Optimus, Sideswipe, BB, Starscream, Barricade - those are my top 6.
    10. Chromia217
      Hey new friend! So when did u get into Transformers and who is your fave?
    11. SavageThunder
      oh and uhmmm. soryy brainfart. oh yeah! welcome to the forums!
    12. SavageThunder
      ill be your friend. my profile is on all the time here at school. so talk to me or send me anything ya whant. and if its the weekend, then as soon as i get back ill respond.
    13. blunghole
      Glad that you accepted the friendship! Have a great one, my pal!
    14. Starscream600
      Hey there! Welcome to the forums!
    15. x BlackMagnus x
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