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Apr 4, 2012
    1. Brainchild
      Well, have fun.
    2. Brainchild
      I'm assuming you're talking about Skyrim. I don't own it, nor have I play it extensively, but I know that it's an open-world RPG game. So there is a main story, but oodles of side quests and non-story missions you can partake in. If you've played any of the Fallout games, it's similar to that, but with a fantasy setting.
    3. Chromia217
      I love this site! Only place I can talk about my addiction - um I mean my love for transformers! :D
    4. Chromia217
      I'm doing well! How are u?
    5. Gingerchris
      1/4 of an inch isn't that bad. Mine is usually about a milimetre or two long after I give it a good going over with the electric shaver. The good thing about hair is if you do mess it up you can always razor shave it all off to hide any mistakes and just give it a month to grow back before trying again.
    6. Gingerchris
      Hey. Sure, once you've got the hair down with clippers or something a normal facial electric razor will do the job if you want to keep it smooth. Personally I've got very wirey hair though so it took a long time each day to do it that way and I went back to a blade for a while. Was the same with shaving my face - my copper wire hairs were just too tough for the normal facial electric shavers. Try all the methods though and see which works best/easiest for you. I'm happy with my bit of stubble. Hope that helps. :)
    7. SavageThunder
      transformers news and rumors.
    8. SavageThunder
      what my new thread means is that people are killing our dogs so they can steal our horses.that is going to happen again now that the horse slaughterhouses have opened up. and a horses death in a slaughterhouse is horrrrriiiiffffiiieeeiiinngg! and i maean horrifing!
    9. Slone1993
      btw to let everybody know who ever comes to my profile page to look at my stuff and or to post here i do not keep any friends that i did not associate with.
    10. SavageThunder
      check my new thread in news and rumors... Please cause its urgent!
    11. SavageThunder
      awesome! thanks man! guess what i watched on the weekend?
    12. SavageThunder
      this website is AWESOME! but yeah, this place rocks my socks and cowboy boots clean off! in other words, this place is my heaven, my safe place.
    13. FreshDebesh
    14. Inikalord
      Not much.

      If your starting to lose interest in DBZ, that's ok. You should however check out a few DBZ sites that I frequent. I'll PM you.
    15. Chromia217
      the G1 series was the start of my love for TF, and then the movies, and now TF Prime. I couldn't get into Beast Wars because it was hard for me to take seriously, especially Optimus as a gorilla. And I hated Energon.

      About G1:
      Who was your favortie autobot: hard choice but I have to say Ironhide
      who was your favorite decepticon: Soundwave
      what was your favorite g1 transformer moment: Its been such a long time since I've seen most of them, but the recent ones I've seen I'd have to say where Ironhide goes to shoot Starscream and then Chromia comes up and says "hold on Ironhide" and he says "I forgot my manners. Ladies first!"
      what was your top 5 favorite g1 transformer episodes: I can't answer this question since I haven't seen them all recently, but I know I've seen all of them when I was a kid in 1984!
      what was your favotie g1 transformer season: Season 1 :)
    16. Chromia217
      Customer Service Rep for a company called Electrolux
    17. Chromia217
      About to start a new job on December 5th!
    18. rxlthunder
      I think that you misunderstood my last message. You should literally put "nothing" meaning no text at all.
    19. Chromia217
      hey what's new?
    20. UltraAlanMagnus
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