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    1. eagc7
      the entire plot of the trilogy dont add up
      in the first movie,Megatron crashed into the North Pole when chasing after the Allspark
      in ROTF,under the Fallen's orders, Megatron got rid of Optimus and went after the Matrix of Leadership to activate the Sun Harvester
      in DOTM,Megatron said Sentinel left Cybertron to defect and they were supposed to rendezvous on Earth.
      the most WTF part is,if you counted the Decepticons in ROTF and DOTM,if they all carried out a simultaneous attack,the Earth would already be theirs and the Autobots would have lost.
      somehow,it seems that the Decepticons are limitless in number,while only a few of the Autobots survived leaving Cybertron or staying on Cybertron.

      is Megatron's deal with Sentinel a secret,even from the Fallen?
      could it be that Megatron arranged with Sentinel to meet on Earth,to look for the Allspark and to take over Earth?
      did Sentinel found a way to steer the Ark towards Earth,after it was hit and was crashing?
      why is it that the Decepticons were already on Earth and assumed the various alternate forms,but the Autobots only sent Bumblebee?
      why didnt the Decepticons find Megatron or the Allspark,when they already assumed different millitary vehicle forms and could easily hacked into the government system to find out about everything?
      why was the information about Sentinel and the Matrix of Leadership,transferred to Sam from the Allspark?(how could the Allspark contain information regarding Sentinel and the Matrix?the Allspark was probably on Cybertron when the Primes hid the Matrix,and the Allspark was probably on Earth when Sentinel crashed into the moon.)

      now,I believe a reboot is a must,with a new crew.
      the writers of the trilogy did not bother to explain how things happen in TF1 and TF2 resulted in the things that happened in TF3
      individually,the movies were great
      but put them together,there are full of plotholes and unexplained stuffs
      if you read and/or consider the comics and novels canon you wil lsee hwo well Megatron plans all come together to one piece and u will see what lead to 3 different plans
    2. rex21
      hey. if you go to PS toy outpost, on the right lane, left cupboards. there is someone selling ROTF HA BB there. The box is a little dented though. it's going for S$28. else next door at simply toys it's going for S$69.90. hope this helps!
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