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Slave IV

more wealth than you can imagine!

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    1. Radioguy
      Hey, sorry about that. Didn't mean to come off as argumentative. I enjoyed the discussion...even if someone else thought it was an all-out brawl. ;)
    2. DoomGart
      Hello, i write you regarding the Ailie Strike's clear parts (adapter). I had similar issue with it and one man helped me with 3d printing. Can you write me back if you interested about this solution.
    3. Lazerwave
      Can you make room in your inbox? I want to tell you something.
    4. Knema007
      Thanks for your input in the BeastBox forums. If you have any interest in selling your dragon, please let me know. Your inbox is full, but you could try to start a conversation with me.
    5. Maximus Danz
      Maximus Danz
      Hey man, can you free up your inbox? I want to talk about Cara Dune.
    6. Sup3hobo
      Yo man, I got an MIB MB Crossbone Gundam. It was taken out of box twice and the cape was assembled. Everything is present. I'm thinking of selling it for $210 shipped. Let me know if you're interested.
    7. Venixion
      I know you were having fun so was I. The last comment was directed at the other guy, not you.
    8. vbjjune
      clean up your pm box so i can pm ya about purge trooper
    9. Grimlock4523
      CDJapan : Star Wars / Force Awakening 1/12 Kylo ren Collectible

      One left

      P.s. your PM boxes full.
    10. Hicks_Royel
      And a tour of the factory, I hope.
    11. Hicks_Royel
      Saw your Skids thread. Unfortunately, it was closed before I could comment.

      Just as well, I was going to mention that by thinking of making your own Skids, you were infringing on my IP/designs. As such, I was going to threaten to have your product banned from all stores that I was planning on selling my figure to... And possibly start rumors that your company was already falling apart because your design team left for any number of reasons.
    12. B13
      Thanks again! I will follow-up to see what you found!
    13. OptimusTimelord
      Glad you like it man, and that gif sig does catch the eye, even at that size! :thumb
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