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    1. BooyakaDragon
      lol Illidan Stormrage
    2. eagc7
      I was really excited for this until i saw the platforms it's released on at the end.

      Seriously? Just a stupid (3)DS and Wii release? I was excited to play as Bulkhead, Breakdown, Soundwave and Ratchet, but seeing as how it's probably going to be another stupid platformer like Animated, this is a definite pass.
      its possible that the TFP game is just getting nintendo releases as a way to forgive the nintendo fans or something since FOC is not getting a nintendo release
    3. eagc7
      Here's how I imagined all happening:
      Sentinel meets Megatron in secret
      They hatched the scheme
      Megatron went off to secure the Allspark (they need slaves don't they? Allspark creates life = free slave labor)
      That plan got screwed by Optimus sending it into space
      Megatron went off to find it
      Sentinel got a group of unsuspecting Autobots
      They boarded the Ark and fleed the planet
      Ark shot down by Starscream
      {{time passes}}
      Megatron finds the Allspark on Earth
      He crashes in the North Pole, freezing himself
      {{time passes}}
      Ark crashes on the moon
      At least that's how I imagine it went down.
      Wrong, this is what happened

      1. Megatron and Sentinel makes deal to meet on Earth and get its rescources
      2. Sentinel creates a torch which powers the main Pillar.
      3. Autobots power up the torch and delivers it to Sentinel
      4. Sentinel tries to Escape.
      5. Ark is shot down by Starscream
      6. Allspark is captured by Autobots
      7. Megatron tries to secure it, but Plan backfires as it was launched
      8. Megatron crashes to earth

      The Ark was shot down WAY Before the allspark was even launched since the cube was needed for power the red glowing thing on the main control pillar
    4. eagc7
      Yes, ELita. is the purple one, and the bot is a bonecrusher look a like (jsut without the claws)
    5. eagc7
      Ironhide escorts some soldiers closer to the front lines and the Sisters are shown in a position around him sliding around in robot mode.
      When Sam yells "Ironhide!" Chromia says "It's Sam!" and runs over to him. She says they'll escort him to the pyramid and promptly gets her shit blown up. Then it shows Ironhide and Elita shooting Long Haul as Arcee gets blown up as well.
      they were shooting Bonecrusher (at least a look a-like) not long haul, also its arcee whos "find sam" not chromia, and Elita-1 is the one who tells sam that they will escort him, not to forget elita-1 is the one blown up first, not chromia
    6. LesterX
      LOL, nice sig.
    7. eagc7
      Wait a minute, I just thought of something: Jetfire has space bridge technology, right? However, Sentinel said (in regards to space bridge tech) "I and I alone can control it" so, how did Jetfire obtain it? I know Sentinel betrayed the Autobots, but he would never willingly surrender his technology to the Decepticons, because in NEST base, after he was resurrected and Optimus told him about the 5 pillars he salvaged, he was (I believe) honestly surprised the Cons stole a few hundred pillars from him..... Which raises two questions: Not only how did Jetfire space bridge with using only his internal mechanisms, how did he bridge without any pillars?
      The Space Bridge was a Lsot technology that coudl onyl be used by the original primes and seekers, Years later the Space bridge tech was lost, and then Sentinel recreated the Space Bridge technolgoy after making his deal with Megs
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