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Feb 9, 2024
    1. AmonDemon112
      just wanted to say hello, i appreciate fellow a japanese transformers fan
    2. Aptom
      i have a mint silver anternity megatron, unboxed for display, only transformerd to robot once. what are you offering?
    3. Roanstalker
      Pretty sure you linked me to that before haha. I hate when people do this. It puts doubt into whether they have the item at all if they have to steal pics wholesale.
    4. lazerous8506
      Hi, already got a G1 Sixshot thanks. My most recent wants list is the stuff I'm after and it's pretty comprehensive. Some of the more pricey stuff I'm going to have to hold fire on I think! Cheers
    5. Sol Fury
      Sol Fury
      Awesome, thanks for the offer though I'm good with the old DX one. I think one of the guys in the Brave thread might be interested though :)
    6. locidm
      Thank you for the warm welcome. :) This Site gets a lot more traffic than RJ does! Loving both so far though.
    7. Auto Morph
      Auto Morph
      My asking price was £1500 and I was fortunate to get very close to that. I will respect the privacy of the buyer by not going into more detail. :D
    8. Auto Morph
      Auto Morph
      Sorry man, I needed a quick sale and luckily the guy offered me just about my asking price. I still have Scorponok and Megatron...
    9. Benscollectables
      ok mate thanks any way... if you change your mind let me know
    10. Benscollectables
      Hey buddy how about traiding that superion and appendage set for my god rajin-oh
    11. Roanstalker
      I wonder if any of those pics he uses are actually his.
    12. Roanstalker
      Yep. This is the second time someone used my pics without permission (first was my Build Tiger pic).
    13. Roanstalker
      Merry Christma and Happy New Year dude :)
    14. Roanstalker
      Nice. But looks like these got KOed and went the world over. I've seen KOs that look just like these. Except they were prebuilt.
    15. Roanstalker
      Yup I've seen that before. Sword Master Ryujinmaru. It looks nice but I'm not sure if its a well built kit. Thats why I havent bought it.
    16. Roanstalker
      Umm those look like really easy to find sets. I saw quite a few of those in Hong Kong. The rarer ones are probably the hero sets Granzort and Super Granzort.

      Thanks for letting me know though :)
    17. Roanstalker
    18. Sol Fury
      Sol Fury
      Yeah I much prefer the originals. But I personally just like that all-vintage look anyway, the originals have a certain charm.
    19. SydneyY

      If this is not it let me know :) Take your time with the kit...and good luck!
    20. SydneyY
      Hope you are feeling better! I have heard of such TV show but never watched en episode. I am sure the contestants are enjoying our great outback :D

      As for the translations, I'll certainly get to it (hopefully tomorrow). I'm also wondering if I should email Kaiyodo about those symbols in the instruction?
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