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Sep 24, 2022
Feb 5, 2015
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Sep 24, 2022
    1. Stardust262
      How's it going?
    2. Stardust262
      It's the closest to ideal yeah
    3. Stardust262
      Yeah it is, but still she ends up dead at the end

      She accepts what happened, but she never gets a chance to actually live her own life. Which, to me at least, is something that really needed to happen. With how that route ends it doesn't feel like a proper resolution.
    4. Stardust262
      And honestly, letting Saber get a second chance at life (whether via incarnation or being retained as a familiar) would be the best way for her character arc to end. Cause then she can actually enjoy life instead of being bound by her ideals and regrets

      But reducing her to a love interest is disgraceful
    5. Stardust262
      Well you've got the sexism inherent to the Fate route, Shirou being a preachy asshat, Saber being degraded by forcing a romance subplot onto her (again, issues with the Fate route), the general "let's have every servant attack Shirou and Saber one at a time" crap, silly a not bringing up Kiritsugu despite having many interactions with Shirou (more Fate route issues), Kirei feeling reduced to a generic villain, the whole harem thing with each girl moving into Shirou's house, and the terrible tonal shifts between serious and slice of life that make the show feel like it has no idea which it wants to be
    6. Stardust262
      I've already seen the 2006 series. Only thing that I was alright with was how it handled Gilgamesh.

      Regardless I'd never recommend that series to anyone
    7. Stardust262
      Yeah, that's honestly the only reason I cared about it to begin with, because I want Zero to get the ending it deserves.

      I had no desire to see the route adapted for a second time just with better animation and less rushed-ness, you know? Especially when the route itself is heavily flawed to begin with, even disregarding that it can't work as a sequel without changes.

      At the end it's just one giant disappointment for me, especially with how much I looked forward to it a year ago, and how strong the first season was. That level of disappointment isn't a good feeling, I can assure you.

      And it sucks even more that if I get someone to watch Zero, and they aren't satisfied with the ending either, well, there's nothing I can do for them.
    8. Stardust262
      I guess

      To be honest I don't really care about the show at this point lol
    9. Stardust262
      I guess we'll find out soon, then
    10. Stardust262
      Is Last Stardust on that album too?
    11. Stardust262
      Hopefully they'll be in a lot more stuff now
    12. Stardust262
      It really is a damn amazing song
    13. Stardust262
      Ah thanks a bunch for finding it!
    14. Stardust262
      Yeah the pure version would be ideal :lol
    15. Stardust262
      Well not bad nightcore, it sounded pretty close to normal actually
    16. Stardust262
      I heard a nightcore version off YouTube

      Enjoyed it a lot obv lol
    17. Stardust262
      Awesome, I look forward to seeing them
    18. Stardust262
      If you're able to draw like that then go for it, I'd love to see how they'd turn out
    19. Stardust262
      Sure, wouldn't mind at all

      Oooo I love the color, definitely gives off a winter vibe
    20. Stardust262
      Oh no problem, it was fun to brainstorm different ideas like that lol

      Sure, lemme see
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