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Dec 15, 2019 at 10:27 PM
    1. Chopperface
      Yeah, pretty much it. The way I saw it, Beast Wars introduced a Megatron who had a sense of humor, who was amusing to watch, and still a badass when he needed to be. A completely unique Megatron only Animated Megatron has come close to. :\ Beast Machines kinda ruined it.
    2. Chopperface
      Oh no, no question about that, certainly Megatron would've commited genocide even when he was a ham in Beast Wars. He does take it far more seriously it Beast Machines. The Agenda and Nemesis episodes clearly showed he took things just as seriously as in Beast Machines as far as I can tell.

      Don't take this as an attack on your opinions, btw. :)
    3. Chopperface
      Indeed, he definetly was dark, the darkest and most menacing Megatron to date. Like I've said, I didn't really like the progression, but his deep, philosophical speeches really stood out. But as a whole the series was great.

      But... as I said... it hurt. <:\
    4. Chopperface
      You know, much as I like Beast Machines, when I saw Megatron's blue, furious, and cold BW face in End of the Line... it hurt. It was like seeing a former friend who'd turned to crime or something. Don't get me wrong, I liked Beast Machines, but it hurt to see someone who'd been so fun and entertaining in BW like this. Just wanted to get it off my chest when I saw your sig.
    5. x BlackMagnus x
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    "You're still too late to save your people. Billions of transformers--their extinguished sparks are on your hands!" -- Beast Era Megatron