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    1. Slingshot
      Hey, how’s it going?
    2. GoLion
      Here, let me help you with that.
    3. Slingshot
      I have skype. Should be in my contact info.
    4. Chopperface
      Hey, don't sweat it, man. Everyone's been in the minority opinion every now and then. Sure, it sucks, but don't over stress yourself, man. You can't save the world in a few forum posts, you know? It's always good to discuss but usually, you shouldn't try to change people's minds, you'll just exhaust yourself. Sometimes I'll be all fired up and ready to post an argument when I then cool down and shrug it off. No worries, my friend.
    5. captain N
      captain N
      Been a fan of Beast Machines from day one. I still want hasbro to make the Transtech cartoon.
    6. Fallout
      merry christmas dude :)
    7. Chopperface
      Sure, later, his monologue at first climaxes when he mentions the Predacons are treated as "slaves", making it seem like he's only doing this for them... but then right before he strikes G1 Optimus, he says "for a Cybertron that is... MINE to rule!" He's discarded his original cause for the sake of power. I think that no matter what world he had been born into, he would've eventually been a villain; though perhaps not as evil and reprehensible as we know him. He's clearly confident he will become a conqueror all over again once the timeline is rewritten, so it's clear he's just naturally evil.
    8. Chopperface
      I think it's possible if Predacons weren't treated the way they were, Megatron could've "grown up" to be different. The mistreatment of the Predacons - slaves, as he put it, though that seems to be a bit hyperbolic - is what drove him to go to Earth and rewrite history. He loves his people and he loves his planet. But the actions he committed both in Beast Wars and Machines proves that he no longer cares about that cause, or at least grows out of it during Beast Wars. All he wants is power and godhood, which I think he had in him since his creation. His first encounter with the all-powerful Vok just provided the catalyst for that desire to consume him.
    9. Chopperface
      Sorry about the delayed response, my friend. What sort of instant messaging do you use? A specific app, website, etc?

      Beast Megatron, I believe, indeed always had that evil within him. But he was born into a world where Predacons were treated as lower class, because of their ancestors' actions. All he knew was the hate and mistreatment the Maximals did to the Predacons. So he was still molded by his environment. But someone who committed actions horrendous enough to be labelled as the Anti Christ in the Covenant of Primus, and happily carried them out when the time came, providing his own namesake, was definitely evil from birth.
    10. Chopperface
      I see what you're saying now. It was probably just in Hasbro's mandate that Optimus, Bumblebee and Megatron never die, disregarding the fact they promised all deaths would be final. In Megatron's case especially, it was jarring and felt pretty cheap, and once he's back, he supposedly reforms just so he can sell more toys another day. He already had a fairly karmic death in the final episode of Prime that felt right, but they couldn't leave well enough alone. If Megatron had simply apologized before dying one final time after he was freed from Unicron, I'd accept that. He was just too far gone to ever make a convincing redemption.
    11. Chopperface
      For the entirety of Prime, he had no capacity for understanding the suffering of others. He was very unfettered. He happily declared himself essentially the Anti-Christ of the Covenant of Primus, and later basically stuck up a big middle finger to Primus when he took Liege Maximo's arm. The only shred of humanity he showed in the series was possibly his friendship with Soundwave, and even then, I'm sure he would've sacrificed Soundwave if he really needed to.

      Regardless, Prime Megatron may have more screentime than his movie counterpart, but he feels so cheap. Even in the One Shall Rise three/four-parter, when he and Optimus were the focus, he didn't receive much development. Just a standard "enemy mine" that so many other villains in fiction have done. I was more involved in the alliances between the Dukes and Boss Hogg in The Dukes Of Hazard than Optimus and Megatron working together in Prime.
    12. grimlock1972
      True enough with how Disney proceeded since the bough Star Wars
    13. Chopperface
      I'm honored to have given one of the best minds on TFW pause. :)

      I actually was gonna say "he's only human" at one point of my post. Because he really is. Sure, many of the trilogy's characters get less character development than we'd like, but when a character does, we get a very compelling character indeed.

      And Beast Megatron is certainly a monster; he might just be the most reprehensible Megatron there is.

      I can really only wag a finger at RID Megatron when it comes to a Megatron I didn't care for. If I may ask, what are your thoughts on Prime Megatron?
    14. SPLIT LIP
      I've seen BM six hundred times. I seriously can't believe I never noticed it. Some of the changes are just plain weird, like the elbows, shoulder pads, tank mode front. It's like the drones were an unfinished model, but not. I immediately compared pictures of every other vehicon to their drones after seeing that. :lol
    15. Fallout
      BW and BM are two of my favorite shows and i hate the idea of organic transformers and time travel but god damn the characters are great.
    16. Fallout
      BM Megs was so kickass. even if the designs were bad and i didn't care for the plot the writing was good and i loved the villains.
    17. SouthtownKid
      I really don't, but thanks.
    18. OOSnake
      Isn't it? It's so underappreciated, it's got one of, if not the best plot of any TF series.
    19. OOSnake
      Not enough people like Beast Machines. It gets such a bad reputation with fans, but in my opinion, it's one of, if not the best written Transformers ever.
    20. FanimusMaximus
      Beast Machines Megs is the best!!
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