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    1. Neo-Primus
      Bloody hell lol, Thought mine would sail thru. Even picked meself up a HA Roadbuster from B & M's after I'd dropped it off, cause I didn't think I'd have anything to pay out on.
    2. Neo-Primus
      Going to have to pass on this I'm afraid, simple 35 quid M.o.T balloned into 156 quid :( I'm bloody skint now lol.

      Feel free to sell on, but if you don't I'll message you when I've got some cash and see if you still want to sell :D

      Sorry for any trouble caused.
    3. Neo-Primus
      That's ok, The wife has booked the car in for its M.O.T on Friday anyway so I'll be out most of the day lol. Monday's good for me.
    4. Neo-Primus
      That's ok, I'll be free all day :D
    5. Neo-Primus
      I'm free Friday and Monday, name a time and a place and I'll meet you there :D
    6. Neo-Primus
      Cool, now how do I go about getting money to you and Vehicon to me lol, I've never bought from someone who has picked something up for me before on the Internet
    7. Boardwise
      The problems that came out of every release did worry me, but they did seem to try and fix it as they went along. I think they did release a second version with the fixes incorporated.
      Still, Giant seems to have minor alternations (for the better) from the Yellow version.
    8. Neo-Primus
      I am yes. Do you know how I may get my hands on one?
    9. IronicHide
      Ach, well, it'll still be in print next time you're there. You've only missed a Batman book that might not be to your taste, anyway.
    10. IronicHide
      Think of my comment as a warning not to get your hopes up, then. Personally, I prefer the weird. The story is slight, almost minimal, it's just a grotesque parade of a selection of villains. Probably the closest thing would be certain issues of Alan Moore's Swamp Thing or From Hell. Hush is somewhere near the bottom of my Batman pile, too.
    11. Boardwise
      So do I :/
      I had to pass on Herc when he was released individually as I was out of work at the time, but this time I decided to grab Giant since I'm in work (though not what I'm qualified in)
      Now watch as the price of it drops once it's out :p

      Also I see the Dark Scorpy auction ended about the same price as I paid for Pete's MISB one.
    12. IronicHide
      Just imagine the complete and utter opposite to Long Halloween or Hush.
    13. IronicHide
      I'm probably not a worthy judge compared to your extensive knowledge of DC stuff but I'd say Arkham Asylum is my favourite Batman book. Lots of deliberate lack of continuity in the art style - pencil, collage, paint bleeding and sprayed everywhere. More sad-grim than violent-grim.
    14. Boardwise
      Yeah the axe/club is a bit weird, but the gun looks better. Though they are releasing a additional set for Hercules with a different gun.
      I do like how they have sorted Hook's crane for the green version so it can be removed this time. That was one of his complaints on the yellow version.
    15. IronicHide
      Nice try, but I think the severed face really does it for me. It's when you notice the eye that isn't looking through the eye-hole...
      Then again, anything other than the severed child's head in the doll's house in Arkham Asylum is pretty vanilla. Eeeuurrgh.
    16. Boardwise
      I prefer it to Hercules & would be a better Devestaror than the Superlink version. And I can sell the SuperLink box set I have :p
    17. Boardwise
      Hell, I'm trying to decide on buying Green Giant, so I'm no help.
    18. IronicHide
    19. Boardwise
      For a MISB one, it is. though it won't remain MISB after I get it :p
      Now if HeadRobots would hurry up with the Black Zarak upgrade kit....

      Dark Crumplezone is a good figure. Got one a few years ago when he was released in the US. Goes well with Ransack GTS
    20. Boardwise
      I have already agreed to buy BigPete's sealed one form AA :/
      That way I know it's complete and less dusty :p
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