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Apr 19, 2020
Mar 5, 2007
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Apr 19, 2020
    1. G.I.EDDIE
      Soooooo jealous of your avatar!!
    2. hXcpunk23
      Hey man! Been insanely busy lately with work and trying to wrap up a few commissions (yours included). Look for an update on it all sometime on Monday. Things are good here, hope things are good on your end, bro!
    3. bellyboy
    4. Dinobots Rule
      Dinobots Rule
      wow that was very nice of you to write that about me. i appriciate it and im very glad i could help you out. :D
    5. simified
      @ RIDUltraMagnus
      I use Photobucket and search "Transformer GIF", I get tons of GIF images that I save.

      @ lotussouljah
      For that plastic piece, I removed on of those connector pins so that plastic piece flips up/foprward towards the cockpit thus exposing the connector.
    6. John_Force
      Where did you get your avatar?
      I must have!
    7. lotussouljah
      Thanks dude! That's what I figured! Looks like I need that smoldering iron sooner than I thought!! :lol
    8. lotussouljah
      Hey brother! How's it going? Was wondering, how did you modify Vortex with the cockpit up for the Complete Brutality kit?! I'm trying to mash it up, and then realized that there's a plastic piece just blocking the connector. Do I have to remove that just like Lucs did, or is there a way around it? You said SIMPLE mod, I'm not finding it that simple at all!!! :lol
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