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Nov 25, 2008
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On The Double Dutch Bus, from Los Angeles

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Apr 18, 2024 at 12:31 PM
    1. The Honey Badger
      The Honey Badger
      Yo my bro Scott!! Long long time no talk! Hope all is going great for you and your family!!
      1. Silvershot
        Hey buddy! So weird - I’m guessing your number changed. I just tried reaching out again about a month ago, but I’m guessing your number changed?
        Aug 18, 2021
      2. The Honey Badger
        The Honey Badger
        sent you a message!!
        Aug 19, 2021
    2. The Honey Badger
      The Honey Badger
      yo brother! Long time no talk! how you doing?
    3. doomboy536
      Thanks for the awesome Swindle sig!
    4. The Honey Badger
      The Honey Badger
      nise scoop man! you get me one too?
    5. rodimusprime2007
      Got it, THANKS MAN, leaving feedback right now. Thanks again.
    6. rodimusprime2007
      LMK as soon as he arrives and everything is cool
    7. rodimusprime2007
      Hes on his way.
    8. ChevellePrime
      pretty good.hahha im jelious of that crankcase u got from vsngelus. i just got my first haul of dotm toys from tru and there was not a crankcase nor megatron to be found.but i did pick up topspin, sandstorm, icepick,backfire and shockwave. they are hella cool and im likin backfires cannon mode on shockwave so i can make him haveanother cannon so hes hella ready to destory earth
    9. ChevellePrime
      yo its the kid that was in ur talkin group while u were talkin to vangelus at botcon
    10. The Honey Badger
      The Honey Badger
      YO brother!!!!! See you soon! Got to meet up!
    11. General Magnus
      General Magnus
      The toys are on their way.
    12. SwindlesShop
      hey if you wanna send the paypal payment for the book u can at [email protected] and ill give it you whenever or whenever im by you.
    13. The Honey Badger
      The Honey Badger
      yo yo buddy! how ya doin!?!
    14. Darktaker
      Hey Scott here is the link of that channel i told you that had the transformers cartoons in HD YouTube - OptimalOptimus2's Channel
      oh and btw im in the area so when ever u feel like hunting and im free im down to hunt with you and mike .
    15. CURAMEN
      Mr. Silver...

      It was great seeing you again and it's always a pleasure having you around!

      Thanks for coming out and making it happen once again.

      I'll contact you in regards to setting up the next meet-up for December... Let's plan something cool... Something big... We'll talk!

      No matter what, keep in touch and call me if you plan on taking a trip out to Frank & Son's.

      Your Bud... CURAMEN :thumb


    16. wasp819
      Hey bud tried to PM you but your message folder is full,
      hope you had a good weekend?
      Sorry to bug you, just checking if were still good to go with henkei ironhide, if possible i would like this sorted asap (so i can get my hands on old ironhide)
      all the best...
    17. The Honey Badger
      The Honey Badger
      not much, just going to school. talking about doing a trip home. ill keep you updated, maybe we can link up..
    18. The Honey Badger
      The Honey Badger
      hey bud, whats up? long time no talk. just checking in with you!
    19. BlackzaraK
      U still intereted in the clear convoyu ask me about?? I can $100...I paid $120 for it...let me know...hey by the way where did u get those hotwings they where the best???
    20. CURAMEN
      Thanks for coming to the Los Angeles Meet-up!

      It was a pleasure meeting you and I hope to see you at the next meet-up in October!
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