Silk Spectre
Jan 3, 2010
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Silk Spectre

The Evil Queen, Female

      What's new Silk?
    2. eagc7
      thats why i made that thread cause it makes no sense, they remove Ironhide cause he was gonig to die in DOTM and didnt wanted to confuse kids (despite it have nothing to do with the films), yet they keep megs, stasrcream and soundwave (and WHeeljack to soem extent)
    3. Silk Spectre
      Silk Spectre
      It still makes no sense to me, due to Soundwave, Megatron and Starscream. They can say it, but I don't buy it.
    4. eagc7
      It makes no sense for DOTM to have impacted Ironhide's character when Megatron, Starscream and Soundwave are running around in TF: Prime after dying in DOTM. The movieverse is a separate verse, anyway.

      I would go with the "they chose Bulkhead" instead theory, maybe figuring he fit better being a guardian to a kid than Ironhide.
      according to this it was due to ironhide death TRANSFORMERS PRIME toy featurette PART 1 - YouTube
    5. Blackjack2099
      I haven't heard from you since I posted my DOTM Leader Ironhide review. Did ya like it?
    6. Silk Spectre
      Silk Spectre
      Nah, not really. I'm sort of indifferent to it. The lack of my favorite character, the return of Bay, all the major 'Cons dead.... More Prime and Bumblebee just doesn't do it for me, honestly. I would like to see other TFs get some time.

      I expected a fourth and I'm curious about it to a point (and I'll see it) but it's hard to drum up real excitement for it. And I'm sort of waiting on more details on the direction they're going in before really thinking about it too much.
    7. ShOcKwAvE1213
      Hi there. Are you happy for TF4?
    8. Silk Spectre
      Silk Spectre
      Awesome review and I'm very flattered by the call out. Thank you! :)

      I love the figure (and with a custom paint job, it's triple times as awesome). I had a couple nitpicks - the loose, floppy panel on the left arm being my major one, and his cannons are a little too small - Fans Want It took care of it though, with their cannons for leader Ironhide coming out.

      I adore the knife addition though. Seriously wish that was in one of the movies.

      Thanks again. :)
    9. Blackjack2099
      I know how much you like Ironhide, so I made this for you:

      Transformers Dark of the Moon Leader Ironhide Review (Part 1) - YouTube

      Transformers Dark of the Moon Leader Ironhide Review (Part 2) - YouTube
    10. Silk Spectre
      Silk Spectre
      Thanks, Chromia! :) There's no denying I have a lot of love for Ironhide.
    11. Chromia217
      Hey Silk! I don't know if I have told ya this before, but I enjoy reading your posts on certain subjects, especially about Ironhide. What I can't find the right words to say about him, it seems like u say them with ease, heart, and soul. :)
    12. Silk Spectre
      Silk Spectre
      Not sure really. She might be open to the idea, but I don't know that they would ask her back.

      I could see the character of Mikaela in a fourth without Sam, since I've never really seen her as just an arm extension of Sam - to me she would fit as an ally of the Autobots. She's just as capable if not more so than Sam is.
    13. OrionsBelt
      You think it's possible to get Megan Fox back for the forth movie, if Michael Bay isn't directing it?
    14. eagc7
      * The parents should have been cut - the fact that their last scene occurs immediately after Sentinel's betrayal and Ironhide's murder and then you don't see them at all again? Pointless and atrocious editing.
      if you paid attention, Sam todl them to leave, cause it wasnt safe
    15. eagc7
    16. Silk Spectre
    17. eagc7
    18. Silk Spectre
      Silk Spectre
      Agreed. I was prepared for the possibility of him dying, but it's really how he went out that I just couldn't accept. I would love for them to find a way to bring him back in a forth, especially if we get a good writer/director combo. With good writing anything is possible, but I can't get my hopes on it. :(
    19. OrionsBelt
      Hey there, I agree with what you said about Ironhide. I don't see how any self respecting Ironhide fan could agree with what happened to the old guy. I'm just hoping against hope, after reading several Transformers lores, that as long as a the Spark and Head are safe, the Transformer can live on in another body. Perhaps nothing was mentioned about Ironhide being dead because the writers want to keep the back door open.
    20. Minh'T
      hey i like ur avatar where did u get that Ironhide face?
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