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Aug 27, 2015
May 15, 2011
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Elite Guard Team Command

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Aug 27, 2015
    1. Shelbo
      A beauty that I miss out on! Btw I sent a friend request
    2. Shelbo
      It's one of the reasons I like ROTF; Sideswipe! Sideswipe is always good. I just get upset that Bumblebitch always gets the front seat, leaving the other 'Bots to do the fighting all the way in the back for a few seconds.

      I feel like a horrible fan D: I has no toys. Not even a Sideswipe.
    3. Shelbo
      Ah, I've only seen it three times. Well you never know, there's a small chance that thee could be a 4th movie. But honestly, I'd rather have no movie than a movie where Sideswipe dies, because I can see him dying if there was to be a fourth. At least we got some good action for him! :D
    4. Shelbo
      Yeeeeahuh! School already started for me, but I play DOTM almost everyday. Well I will friend you tomorrow and then we can get our game and and be all like pew pew and stuff. Yeah.

      SOO how are you fellow Sideswipe fan?
    5. Shelbo
      Sidewiiiiiiipe <3 I was wondering do you have a Gamertag? Because I got myself a new DOTM game
    6. Shelbo
      Heeeeeeeeeello :)
    7. Shelbo
      I only play as scouts, nothing else. I like it, didn't at first though. I have to double rocket launchers on him. I have, like, fast heath regain (or something like that) and backstab. I hadly ever use is car mode because its just so much fun to roll around in robot mode! I know :'C I really screwed it up... I can't fix it it's so messed up. Guess I'll have to get another one.
    8. Shelbo
      And flat out badass! YES! I love playing as him! Most people really, really, really, suck as him because he dies quickly. I, on the other hand, kick ass with him! Too bad I seriously screwed up my DOTM game and its unreadable now. :C
    9. Shelbo
      OH MY GOD NO, I ABSOLUTLEY HATE HIS TEETH. Its the only thing I hate about his design. Ohmygod ew ew ew ew ew ew! BUT, I love his cheeks... ANC pretty much everything else about him.

      Ohmygod I love Sideswipe. He's awesome. See that? You just put me in fangirl mode.
    10. Shelbo
      Haha, there's 153 members on the TFW2005 ladies group. Probably not for long. I'm actually kinda amazed that they find it adorable because most girls I know would give you a stupid look and be all like "Transformers? Uhhh..."
    11. Shelbo
      Really? Theres quite a bit of girls on this site. Hell, two of my friends are Sideswipe fan girls, too.
    12. Shelbo
      Yes! I win! Are Sideswipe fangirls hard to come across?
    13. Eman7673
      Welcome to TFW Mike!
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