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Nov 16, 2023
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Nov 16, 2023
    1. gothsaurus
      Long shot: I saw you had a custom class SG Nightbeat. Any chance you have documentation of the paint colors? (could be in photos of the class?) All the best to you either way. Cheers! - Adrian
    2. JaZzPrImE74
      Hi, please send me a pm.
    3. Joevette8
      I was wondering if you were gonna be carrying KFC's reflector?
    4. Rush
      Hey, it's been a have you been? I see that Soar is starting to be shipped, do you know when you expect to get your shipment? Also, I see that there is some issues being brought up about the fact that Soar has "Dinobots" written on the box. Will this affect you shipping Soar?

      Hope to hear from you soon and enjoy the Holidays!!!
    5. MagnusPrimal
      Oh I expected them to be full-price. Actually, I didn't expect you to have any. I'll keep checking your site, but if you have any left over and could give me a heads-up, I'd appreciate it. Thanks for listening either way!
    6. MagnusPrimal
      Hey SC, I was wondering if you were going to offer any individual SXS Citizen Stack upgrades for sale after Black Friday? If you are, or if you do, would it be possible for you to let me know? Thanks!
    7. Joevette8
      cool, np i'll keep an eye out for the deals
    8. Joevette8
      Hey, I was wondering if you're gonna have any black friday deals, say on the MP-11SW by any chance??
    9. Pandemonius
      Thanks for the response buddy!
    10. DeuceMan408
      Thank you for the great service. I appreciate the Scoria parts. Thank you Sir!
    11. Pandemonius
      Wondering when you will be getting mp-08xand mp-18s in? All other places have it available but your site still shows them as pre-order.
    12. Rush
      Hey I know you are really busy and I hope everything goes really well for you at BotCon! Wish I could go, but can't swing the west coast this year. I'm sure you have multiple messages about this same question I'm about to ask. I'm not quite sure how exactly your business is set up, but I have a great customer/sales skill set and if you are ever looking to expand and hire someone, I'd very much be interested. I'm not expecting to hear anything back anytime soon, you have enough on your plate with BotCon and the Scoria deal. Good luck, God bless and hope to talk to you soon.
    13. G.I.EDDIE
    14. cwgall
      Hey Sidecutter, any idea when you're getting Maniaking in?
    15. Hicks_Royel
      Regardless of how others may feel, I'm quite happy to save 70-something dollars over my original Scoria order through BBTS. Thanks, man.
    16. G.I.EDDIE
      Any update on the Warbotron front? :)
    17. G.I.EDDIE
      Are you planning to carry the Warbotron Bruticus set?...many minds would like to know :D
    18. Superquad7
      This is no lie.
    19. Jetbolt
      So what part of Louisville are you from? I spent my first 12 years around the Dixie Highway/ Upper Hunters area. My dad lived in that city for a good 47 years before we moved 19 miles north to Indiana back in 1999 and in July 2007, NC.
    20. Transfan2
      Hi Sidecutter,
      Enjoyed Parts Party,

      Thanks for good time,
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