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    1. sychosis

      I've got in contact on the website, but thought i would post here too.

      I received part of my order today 20092516103719 (19/10/2020)

      I have got Scaramanga, but am missing the replacement legs for agamemnon?


    2. Dead End14
      Dead End14
      Dear sir/madam,

      You asked me to send me a PM with my order number because of my question:

      'I just took standard shipping with ShowZ. Is that still a viable option on new purchase (no pre order the product was in stock)? Do they still send out standard shipping, or do I have to upgrade?'

      My order number is: 20101413031068

      With regards and thanks for your help.
    3. Tyson Krebs
      Tyson Krebs
      Sorry to bother you but I placed an order 20093009585714 on 9/30/20 and I have yet to receive a Tracking. This is my first experience with this sort of purchase and i'm terrified that something will go wrong. Hope all is well and look forward to your reply. My payer email is [email protected] Thanks again
    4. Collector20
      Here are the order numbers for the mp44 ko and shipping difference. 20080807282733 20081922373918
    5. Flowhammer
      Hey there! I ordered the Studio Cell back on the 30 of June and I'm very excited! Oddly enough though when I enetered the tracking numbers into Fedex it came up as two packes with the dimensions 6x4x4. I'm very confused if you could please clarify. Thanks! @[email protected]
    6. njtxus
      here is my order number for the refund thanks 20011609242998
    7. squalls

      I placed an order 11/27th, I still have not received it. Is this normal? I calculate 50+ days. Thank you, Jim
    8. Starscream8474
      Recently you listed Metal Club Destiny in regular colors and in Freedom colors. Is there diecast in these Gundams ?? I ask because the listing only reflects ABS Plastic which I find odd coming from Metal Build. If their is diecast please let me know right away and I will pre-order.
      1. ShowZStore
        Yes with diecast parts
        Nov 28, 2019
    9. SataNistar
      hello! I'm looking for Toyworld's Primorion hands, I've bought it second hand and it has his right hand broken, please can you help me to buy a set of hands? please.
      If it's imposible to buy the hands to Toyworld, Ztoys have the same mold, isn't it? So please I need your help
      1. ShowZStore
        PM me your transaction ID and Ill check it out :)
        Nov 4, 2019
      2. SataNistar
        I have no transaction ID because I bought it second hand.
        I want to buy new hands. Thank you so much!!
        Nov 5, 2019
    10. Dillpickle
      Hi, I was wondering if there is still room to order from the 3rd batch of WJ Thunder Leader.
      1. ShowZStore
        If the website still marked it as instock or preorder it means you can still buy it
        Nov 4, 2019
    11. doctapp
      1. ShowZStore
        Sent you private message already
        Jul 15, 2019
    12. Trinidad Linares
      Trinidad Linares
      Hello, Iwas wondering if I could get a hand with tracking CP384438750CN from your end? It's an ST Commander ST-01B, and has been in "ISC New York" status for nearly a week. I'm fairly new to ordering from overseas, so I apologize if it is too soon to worry . Thanks!
      1. ShowZStore
        Updated today. You should get it soon buddy
        Jun 23, 2019
      2. Trinidad Linares
        Trinidad Linares
        Thanks! I saw it too. I wish I could trust USPS more, but it's the beat balance of speed and cash.
        Jun 24, 2019
    13. jtwhoib
      Was just wondering about the tracking on my X-Transbots Overheat not really working (order #19040202245479) and the status of X-Transbots Deathwish. Could you PM me or private chat?
      1. ShowZStore
        Jun 10, 2019
    14. Bebe13
      Will you be putting up preorders for FT-10 reissue?
      1. ShowZStore
        Not sure. We dont know how many we could get, we will list it when we get the solid info
        May 12, 2019
    15. hthrun
      Hi ShowZ, the UT Challenger I ordered arrived yesterday but was damaged. Can I get a replacement? I tried sending you a message and posting in your thread. I saw you were on earlier so I thought I'd try posting here as well...
      1. ShowZStore
        Already replied you via conversation :)
        Jan 29, 2019
      2. hthrun
        Yes, thank you very much!
        Jan 29, 2019
    16. Cuete
      if i order the weijiang mpp-10b from your website will it be the glossy version or the matte one? is the one on your website the re-issue?
      1. ShowZStore
        is the one on your website the re-issue?
        Jan 3, 2019
    17. PositivelyKen
      Hi there,

      I just learned about your site, and I'm thinking about ordering the MP-09 reissue. Your site says you offer free shipping to the US, but I'm wondering what is your shipping policy to Canada?

      Thanks in advance!
      1. ShowZStore
        Also free shippign to Canada
        Dec 3, 2018
    18. mgtron1
      You asked me to PM you about this order....
      I'm the one who posted about the damaged shipment.
    19. gldcrzy
      hey, i ordered something from you aliexpress store item 91813956278144. its been a few weeks now and it still says processing order. could you help me out
    20. Confusedbystander
      Hey ShowZStore I am new to your service, bought 2 items from you recently, and the shipping and packaging have been great! Thought I would share how happy I am with the service you and the other members at showz have provided. Thanks again!
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