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    1. PlasticSpark
      Hey thanks a lot! I'm so happy you enjoy my photos and reviews, and I'm definitely glad it works well on your phone! I accepted your friend request as well! Nice to meet you!
    2. Shockwave81
      Thanks man, that helps a lot.

      I agree with all of your points, FT may 'win' at the 'premium feeling' game in this case, but I don't think that a significant amount of diecast is a natural fit for figures at this size, it can make things uncomfortable and awkward to interact with - and I feel that it also sets them too far apart from the majority of my MP collection.

      Everything I've read/watched about the BC set supports that they are simply fun to muck around with and pose. I even re-watched some Insecticon-centric episodes last night while looking at pics of the BC bunch, and although there are elements that aren't a 100% match, they certainly seem to have captured more of the Insecticons' character than their FT equivalents.

      Thanks again bud, all the best to you and your family for 2016. :D
    3. Sixo
      ...By comparison, Badcube's set are very inventive. All three transformations are clever, involved and creative. Hypno, by comparison of both Bombshells, goes the extra mile to pull off a transformation that leaves very minimal bug kibble, an incredibly clean robot mode, and has the colour-changing chest, so all quite impressive. I also really like both modes on all three figures, although I do think that Bombshell's robot mode is the weakest element here (and arguably not quite as nice as Grenadier), but I will say that it's still a lot better than pictures might suggest. The finish on these guys is also somewhat less 'premium' than FT's, but still really nice. There's no diecast, if that's your thing, but the QC is good and the paint apps are pretty much flawless.

      Honestly, I'd say if you're only going to get one set, then BC's are really quite excellent, and I would recommend them overall. If you like the look of them, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

      Hope that helps!
    4. Sixo
      Hey, buddy! Happy new year to you, too! Hope you had a good one.

      Tough one on the Insecticons, but happy to give you my honest opinion. Obviously we only have FT's Grenadier for comparison, although I will also have a test shot of Mercenary arriving any day now, too. I do like Grenadier a lot as a figure, and there's much to be said for him. The fit & finish is really second to none, and he's beautiful, glossy, and quite superb in hand. He's also got a heavy feel to him, which makes him feel very premium. Robot mode is nicely proportioned and looks great too. However, it has some horrible kibble just hanging off the back, and if I'm honest the transformation feels a little... underwhelming. The bug legs literally just fold onto his back and sit there (they don't even really peg in or anything). So he's no doubt a great figure, but I was somewhat disappointed in this aspect, although perhaps only because I already had the Badcube set in hand at the time.

    5. Sixo
      It's an interesting question, as you say. I don't know why, but I feel like a lot of fans care more about the combined mode than the individual 'bots, although like you I'm probably the other way, so if it was a choice between a single giant non-transforming 'bot or five/ six individual transforming 'bots, I'd go with the latter, for sure.

      Oh, and completely agree about the UW Constructicons - I definitely think that was Hasui's logic, and I also think it'll be a while before we get an MP Devastator, although with Kobayashi at the helm now, maybe that's changed.
    6. Sixo
      I really thing the UW set looks neat, even if not perfect, and I'm glad I waited over picking up the Hasbro set. Not to mention that the price from AE actually worked out cheaper for me, so it was a no-brainer!

      Also, good question! I guess it would be a little disappointing, given that these are supposed to be the 'definitive' takes on the classic characters... but if it was presented as the only option then I'd no doubt still go for it! When I think about individual characters like Silverbolt, Hot Spot, Swindle etc. I'm really excited to imagine them in MP form. To me, it's the next real leap for the line, and will be quite a watershed moment if it ever happens! I do think the combiner aspect will always be problematic, as the combined form will perhaps always inevitably be too small, but I'd love to see how they do it...
    7. Sixo
      Any time, dude - always happy to swap opinions on stuff. :)

      I'm pretty excited about UW Devastator myself, and glad to have him on pre-order from AE. I normally wouldn't consider mixing lines (outside of 3P stuff) but having read the interviews with Hasui about him, I'm prepared to make an exception here!
    8. Sixo
      I'll be honest, I haven't really considered it, although they do look cool. I'm not sure they quite do it for me in terms of fitting in with an MP collection though. I am in for UW Devastator though so guess it's all subjective. Oh, and my Powerglide is actually X-Transbots Glider! :)
    9. Sixo
      He sure does! I do love my RA but can't look at him in the same way since seeing OTL's work. :lol
    10. Sixo
      Yep, definitely well rested, thanks! I think a little break did me some good actually. :)

      As for RA, I agree. Have you seen OptimusTimelord's custom of him? Outstanding.
    11. Sixo
      Hey dude! Yep, all good thanks - just back from an extended holiday and such. Seems like I've missed quite a bit! I saw the news about Vulcan... crazy times! :D
    12. Maz
      Love MP Star Saber!! I only ever did a small gallery on my blog but I found the figure to be very large amounts of fun in many areas. If you have zero connection to Victory and the concept of Brainmasters, or the Japanese TF aesthetic generally I can't predict how you'll get on with him, but it was live at first sight for me. I already knew from TFYuki's tweeting teasers :)

      All the best
    13. Sixo
      Hey dude! Thanks that's very kind. I'm still around, don't worry. I had a crazy few weeks at work and I'm actually just now on holiday, so not had much time. Will be back properly soon!
    14. Maz
      It is a phenomenally nice thing isn't it? Such an improvement over regular Hex, and impossible to put down, seriously everything that's wonderful about Transformers!
    15. Maz
      No worries mate, pleasure's all mine! :thumb
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