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May 25, 2022
Mar 7, 2008
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Cybertronian Ninja, 44

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May 25, 2022
    1. pumpkingonzo
      Love your custom Sideswipe. That red is superb!
    2. lordtigerhawk
      Shinobotron I would like to know how you created yoru custom Kup head form a Transformers animated Rachet head. I have some friends that are expert Warhammer designers and was going to get them to make me a custom Kup like the one you designed and made. Would you be willing to share your secret for creating the head with me? And the second question if I Did get you the parts how much would you charge for regration of that figure. Let me know
    3. RodimusPrimeYV0
      Hey shin Just so ya know this is yami ;D
    4. -Wreckage-
    5. AkatsukiFan
    6. soymonk
      Hey Shinobi! Haven't seen you around on AIM in a while? Crazy workload?
    7. Death333
      Just wanted to roll in and say that quite a few of us and have been browsing your customs on Deviantart and really enjoying them. Keep up the good work and if you get the time maybe stop in and say hi/post a new one!

      :thumb -Dx3
    8. kamtimus_prime
      I have a idea for you, Animated Blurr is comming out soon and it screams BATMOBILE. Can you do a updated Batmobile. I know the body will be very skinny, but the alt mode should make up for it. What do you think.

    9. Maximo Prime
      Maximo Prime
      hey bro - ever find that lockdown head?
    10. Ezilla82
      Hey Shinobi, you probably didn't got a chance to see the custom Tony made for me so here the link to check it out.
      THE BULK (Ezilla82 Hulkified) - Radicons Transformers Customs
    11. Maximo Prime
      Maximo Prime
      yo tenime art is looking for a Sunstreaker head, and he has a classics prowl head for trade. just lettin you know.
    12. Maximo Prime
      Maximo Prime
      hey - your Animated Batmobile is FANTASTIC. I really must do that myself. in the meantime, do you still have your Lockdown head? Need it? I do :)

      Then again, I suppose if i bought another Lockdown to do the BM, then i too would have an extra Lockdown head. But I'm getting a-head of myself :P

      I would like to take that lockdown head from ya, what would you take for it?

      Thanks, Stu
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