Jun 22, 2004
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    1. Meta777
      Hiya, Prime! Sorry to be a bother, but I was wondering if it was possible that one could write a non-TF fanfic in the fanfic section (specified as such), or if not. :)

      Regardless, much awesomeness; when I paid a visit to your site, I noticed the special occasion, so voila, from Meta to you, Happy Birthday! I hope you had lots of fun and cake and stuff! :D
    2. Super_Megatron
      Happy Birthday?
    3. UltraAlanMagnus
      Dat Collection.

      I Cant stop looking at it everynow & then.
    4. Meta777
      Oh. OH. I remember now! Back when I first signed up, I noted I owned 15 TF figures! Gah, how could I forget?

      Okay then! Thanks very much :D
    5. Meta777
      Quick question(s), Shibamura; on one's post, just under the Location tab, there's Collection Count, and I'm wondering; what is it for? What are we collecting, per se?
    6. Super_Megatron
      PurdueAV2003 Review 43 - TFCon Exclusive Shafter by iGear - YouTube
      You touched his Shafter.
    7. Meta777
      Just to let you know, I'm never gonna be able to look at donuts the same way again.

    8. Meta777
      Oooh, I love surprises! :D

      I'm definitely looking forward to finding out how Megatron managed to secure an equivalent to Prima. Since he doesn't have a Matrix, I'm curious how our favourite tyrant pulled this off :D
    9. Meta777
      That was Megatronica's intro, wasn't it?
    10. Meta777
      Oooh, I remember that comic! Prima went MoviePrime on those punk's afterburners! I loved the bit where she told Megatron straight up DON'T MISS and finally blasted off Star's screamer :lol

      Reminds me of wise words of wisdom courtesy of ROTF Grindor: "Perhaps you should lead by example, Starscream, instead of flapping your mandible."
    11. Meta777
      Oh, Shibaruma, I'm curious to know, since I adore the concepts; do you have your own Transformers continuity, so to speak? One you've made up yourself? :D
    12. Meta777
      Ah, of course :D My favourite aspect of DOTM is the cape, so I imagine that part would be definitely fun!

      Oh yes, Skyla and Elesa, Flying and Electric gym leaders respectively, and my most favourite of pairings :D. It's amazing to think how far Pokemon has come along; I mean, the sixth generation is coming out this year! I remember being a wee munchkin, my older brother teaching me how to play the original Red and Blue :D

      Yippee! :D

      Oh wow, nice processing detail! Ha, throw at the wall and see what sticks, I gotta remember that phrase! Sounds like a joke my bro would make :loll
    13. Meta777
      Ha, I can imagine the trouble. The Movie aesthetic is argubly the hardest to replicate, considering the detail that goes into them :lol

      Other ideas, other ideas- OH! Maybe Skyla/Elesa, the two girls in my sig, from the Pokemon franchise? They are the fanservice of the fifth generation :D. Or if not, perhaps another one of the Disney princesses? Your Ariel avatar continually frightens me with her blinking, so that could be funny :lol

      A means to an end, particuarly in this circumstance, is still a great means. When I compared the pencil to the ink, I was astounded by how well the ink had cleaned up the pencil parts, so to speak. And to think, inking is something you hate! My inner artist would die of awe if he saw what you love! :lol
    14. Meta777
      Hmm, a hint? Oh, oh, I know! How about a DOTM Megatronica? You've done great with the previous versions, especially the ROTF form, so it would be cool to wrap up Megatron's movie modes, so to speak :D

      Man, that ink stage looks so, so clean. So fresh and ready for colours! It's really interesting to see how your art progresses to paper practice to computerised coolness, I gotta say.
    15. Meta777
      I swear to God you must have stuff written out well before I even start drawing things. XD
      It's like a spider-sense, but for art instead of mortal danger and supervillains :lol

      Yeah, the bunny girl's eyeline is supposed to be the same as Zatanna's. It was okay in the sketch, but I screwed up somewhere in the inking process. I hate inking so hard. I tried to fix it up in the colors but I should've just shifted her eyes in Photoshop. ^_^;
      Ah, fair enough. I still do love the bright green colouring for it :)
    16. UltraAlanMagnus
    17. Super_Megatron
      Show me The Transformer Awards
    18. Secretcode
      Quick question: What version of photoshop do you use for your art?
    19. UltraAlanMagnus
    20. HeroicC300
      You mentioned it when you drew Omega Sue-Preme.

      It was what popped into my head like how someone suggested making Hound a native american.
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