Jun 22, 2004
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*SCREAMS*, from Auburn, Alabamy

Super Mod
    1. Transfan2
      Hey Shibamura_prime,
      It was cool seeing you at the convention.

    2. frenchy
      hello i try to sale a blitzwing from france are you interested?
    3. ILoveDinobot
    4. ILoveDinobot
      Ok when I saw this page in the previews the first thing I thought of was you. :lol.

      CBR Image Preview
    5. Superquad7
      Mr. Silas Prime, the honor is all ours! It's always good to chat with a fan, and I'm glad you're able to be here!

      What was it like running in heels? I know Mr. Bay trains his ladies to run in heels, and that's gotta hurt! What other odd things does he have all of you do? Do you get free TFs?

      I think you've got a healthy approach towards your fanbase. Haters gonna hate, and you'll have lots of time to read the truckloads of fan mail when make your guest appearances at the Nerdcons (hotels can be a drag!). I'm surprised you didn't opt for the spray on tan. I guess he really wants the natural look, eh?
    6. Superquad7
      So how does it feel to star in TF3 in place of Megan Fox? Are you ready to become a worldwide teen heartthrob? I mean, it's one thing on here, but the rest of the world?

    7. Sol Fury
    8. Sol Fury
      Sol Fury
      Note to self - next time I invoke Highlander, I really ought to find out who I'm invoking it against ;)
    9. MegaPrime33
      Happy Birthday you sexy beast!
    10. Shin Densetsu
      Shin Densetsu
      Kawamori's designs have become less engineering friendly, he and the DX team found that the initial design on the DX VF-25 prototype had fragile parts around the hip/waist area. So it was changed/refined to what we see now.

      It's funny though, as advanced as the companies come, the more qc problems arise. The V2 1/60 VF-1 had breakage prone shoulders which have thankfully been fixed after the 1st few releases but they reared their ugly head again earlier this year with the release of the VF-1J with GPB-1 armor. "Fixed" valks started with the VF-1 Max versions but then then VT-1 had flawed shoulder hinges too. I think *now* everything should be fine from here on out.

      Aside from that, the V2 1/60 is a better toy than the 1/48 in many respects, but which one is the best overall depends on whom you talk to. The V2 1/60 transformation is directly based on the 1/48's with a few more steps, but the transformation for the 1/48 is more user friendly. The armor for the V2 1/60 is much more simpler to attach/detach. 1/48 has more moving parts in fighter mode, V2 1/60 has better articulation in battroid mode. 1/48 has more historical relevance for truly breaking the mold; very innovative and the the V2 1/60 has a lot of the same features. Ultimately the 1/48 is the biggest and most detailed VF-1 toy out there but the V2 1/60 feels more compact in each mode. I do enjoy the V2 1/60 more but it is a hard contest.

      Even so, Bandai has made another VF-1 in 1/100 scale for their VF HI METAL line and it looks amazing thus far. Not as much parts swapping. Good size but just about $60 before it's a small, yet VERY intricate figure for that price.
    11. Shin Densetsu
      Shin Densetsu
      Nope. I have a feeling Bandai will shove one out there in the VF HI METAL line by summer prior to the 2nd Macross F movie. I also think we are either getting a DX renewal 1.5(at least with storable knife in shield, longer gear, similar shoulder articulation to the DX 27 and the thigh swivels from the 27) or DX VF-25 2.0 inevitably by fall.

      No definitive VF-25 toy yet. You are left with the 1/72 plamo which is more play than display, DX VF-25 which does many things right, specific things wrong, and the parts-hell VF100's version.

      With the praise and increased attention to detail on the VF HI METAL line, I have a feeling the inevitable(IMHO) VF-25 will be the definitive toy to get. The design lends itself well to perfect transformation.
    12. Shin Densetsu
      Shin Densetsu
      That's awesome man! I like it too but I haven't even picked up the regular 27 yet(which is the one I want). Holding off on more 25's until Bandai retools it or makes a new version(IMHO they are going to do SOMETHING to it before year's end).

      Still need to get more V2 1/60 VF-1's by Yamato too.
    13. Shin Densetsu
      Shin Densetsu
      Macross has killed our wallets! Are you really buying the web exclusive greenie?
    14. Shin Densetsu
      Shin Densetsu
      Muahhhahaha, ANOTHER mod joins the fold!
    15. Shin Densetsu
      Shin Densetsu
    16. John_Force
      I cannot place your avatar!
      Please tell me where you got it so I can stare in more freaky eyes
    17. Shin Densetsu
      Shin Densetsu
      TFW2005 TEAM UP:

      YouTube - Van Damme Massacre
    18. SpencimusPrime
      How do you have -2 News Credits?
    19. Shin Densetsu
      Shin Densetsu
      WITH TEH JERRY CURLS! /awesome]
    20. Shin Densetsu
      Shin Densetsu
      My avatar has hit back. Take that rattle snake.
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