Shepard Prime
Oct 30, 2011
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Shepard Prime

1st Cybertronian Spectre of the Galactic Council, Male

    1. seanlockyer
      Good grief. I just now read your message to me about the Super Bowl and the Raiders. Hard to believe it has been that long. Dear Primus, I feel old. (Heck, I AM OLD!)
    2. jgoss
      I noticed that you are checking out the radicons section arent they great?
    3. jgoss
      Cool I think it will hit 1billion!
    4. jgoss
      Hi do you know if AOE has opened all over the world?
    5. jgoss
      That's great I'm thinking of going to a maintee its only 5 50
    6. jgoss
      That's incredible and so awesome!! I'm so happy like you said last week f*** emm!! I'm most likely gonna see it again saturday.
    7. jgoss
      I agree eff em they just dont realize how good we have it us fans! Like I said b4 bay and co. have done an incredible job! And how cool that you have some tf's! I sadly dont have any! You'll have 2 send me some pics I'd like 2 see them!
    8. jgoss
      I've also been a huge fan since the start and even back in the day I went too universal too see tf show! It had grimlock, starscream, jazz and megatron! Have all the g1comics and all the movies! You can tell by my age that I'm old and still a kid at heart! Enjoyed the first three movies and AOE was incredible!! Had goosebumps for most of the movie and especially optumus transformed! Micahel bay and co. Really did an awesome job on AOE!! Even with all the haters and negative reviews!! It's a great time too be a tf fan!
    9. jgoss
      AOE was awesome! I seen a early showing thursday night and so pumped to see it! As soon as it started I got goosebumps! Optimus, mark, and then too top it off with the dinobots was insane! I just dont get people who didnt like AOE! It was mmuch better than DOTM! How long have you been a fan?
    10. jgoss
      Really liked your review. I loved it from start to finish.
    11. Sideswipe2000
      Yeah I think you got it down man looking forward to seeing how it turns out much luck but you wont need it now just patience and just know when to put it down and wait when things start feeling like they might get messy.
    12. Sideswipe2000
      Yeah spray does give a good primary coat but when it rubs its tuff when you are detailing or transforming it. It does leave some brush strokes up really close but you cant really see it. Depends on what you want for gloss and shine just spray clear coat after its all done it will shine it all up. I like the the non shiny finish.
    13. Sideswipe2000
      Hey alekesam on the metroplex I would start your repaint with dark colors so say you want light blue go dark blue on bottom. Or try painting it completely black to start then highlight in any color or paint details in it provides more depth. Try it it makes painting funner and is easy to fix mistakes acrylic paint is awesome it is water based cleans up easy and is easy to strip off with water if you dont like it just soak it and peels right off. Make sure not to clear coat till you are really sure you like it.
    14. Sideswipe2000
      Thanks man yeah just found a junker scourge at the flea really wanted one found rachet for cheap at ross and looked at its joints you know how they are kinda small and just tried it fit cool.
    15. Sideswipe2000
      Hey dude what do you think about my custom scourge in radicons?
    16. UltraAlanMagnus
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