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    1. cobra zartan
      cobra zartan
      Ugh that's so annoying! I hate when stupid sellers leave the items listed after they sold >:(
    2. cobra zartan
      cobra zartan
      It is indeed legit, your going to need to use a store such as to purchase the item for you. He also has the prime and megatron aswell if you need them.
    3. cobra zartan
      cobra zartan
      Seen you wanted one of these

    4. Ømnidrive
    5. Fallout
      not really, just thought i'd let you know.
    6. Fallout
      hey there. you're pretty cool. :D
    7. mrgalvaprime
      Animated *is* a big fan nod.
      "Garbage-In, Garbage-Out" episode is the must for me. Weird Al doing the Wreck-Gar's voice, the TV head reference, "I DARE to be Stupid"...

      But we have the crowd scenes with a lot of characters, I guess we all spend some time looking the guys on those scenes. Who doesn't like to see Team Athenia and Team Chaar characters? Rodimus and Cyclonus, many BW guys...

      I don't know why some people hates Animated. It have an original story (Optimus Prime as a "nobody", Autobots controlling Cybertron, many of the Great War related events like Project Omega, etc) with many many many references to other series. So, you can be a new guy and watch the main story and can be a fan, enjoying the main story and the references.

      If we go to printed material we got much more homages. This is one of the great things about AllSpark Almanac Books... a lot Animated Universe backstory and references to other Transformers and popular culture series.

      Nice that, at least, we still have Allspark Almanac Addendums being published by TCC.
      Never seen so many things i agree with at the same time
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