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    1. Chief Gage
      Chief Gage

      still out of all of it my fav part always been a fan of grimy

      then again Brim. juist remembering back to past chapters, he stood out alot to me. I remember the scene of him in the ally way with a motor cyclist i believe it was? anyways brim is brutal to say the least. and i think characters like that appeal to me the most
    2. Chief Gage
      Chief Gage
      my favourite part hahaha
    3. Chief Gage
      Chief Gage
      Grimlock: “Me Grimlock draw self portrait.”

      Tailgate: “Why do you have a crown?”

      Grimlock: “Because me Grimlock king. Duh.”

      Tailgate: “I wasn’t aware I was in the presence of royalty. (kneels) “I am not worthy!”

      Grimlock: “Me Grimlock can get used to this.”

      Tomahawk: “He’s not real royalty Tailgate.”

      Tailgate: “He isn’t?”

      Grimlock: “No, but I should be.”
    4. Chief Gage
      Chief Gage
      heyo off to read it now!
    5. TacticalBacon
      There is? Oh wow, must've missed that. Looks like I'll have to read the final part in a bit or tomorrow.
    6. WEEGEE
      I dunno if their putting in this much effort it actually might
    7. TacticalBacon
      I finally got it finished. The entire thing is in your thread now.
    8. Wheeljackie
      I'm gonna get back to reading tonight when I get off. Work has had me busy the past few days bud.
    9. WEEGEE
      Maybe bay was serious about this being his last as director
    10. WEEGEE
      It seems like their really putting effort into this one
    11. WEEGEE
      Hype secured
    12. WEEGEE
    13. Omegashark18
      And things just keep getting better. :)
    14. primal789
      I wouldn't mind and I dunno why but I would like Prime to sacrifice himself then have another leader for the next movie and then all the events lead to his revival.
    15. primal789
      True.But it's also presented as TF6 so who knows really it can also happen in the current time after this one.
    16. primal789
      I'll look where I stopped commenting and I just realized Optimus might die in TLK.It would make sense since the next movie we get is a Bumblebee film.
    17. primal789
      Not terribly far from now.School just got completely outta control but it's almost over I'll see what I can do
    18. primal789
      Yeah I dunno if this is official but if it turns out to be I'll post it for everyone to see.I've seen it just in one place but it looks legit to me.
    19. primal789
      And I see now an evil semi picture of Optimus with his shield and sword I'm trying to figure out where it's from.Nothing very special there but still cool whatsoever.
    20. primal789
      I wonder what can they do in all these places.I mean I can understand Stonehenge.At those rocks you know,looks Beast Wars inspired.
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