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    1. Omegashark18
      Then check Transformers: Beginnings, it's a good one, just the way you like it.
    2. Omegashark18
      Do you like fan fiction?
    3. Weedicron
      Hey man sorry i didnt reply sooner. I havent had a computer in quite some time now. Anyway the lady at tru said if the exact item is on the site, they will price match. I have done it without it being the exact item before. But that probably depends on the employed. Anyway, I know how u feel about the prices. There a lil out of control.
    4. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      *sees your sig
      nice sig bro
    5. TrueNomadSkies
      That's understandable, especially since these guys really are driven by the hype more than anything right now. Also, I'd argue that the deluxe starscream is a way better figure anyway (best one in the line to date actually), and he's not nearly as hard to get a hold of. Same goes for the WFC Soundwave when compared to the Music Label one, as the mix of retaining the classic look along with its creative touches has really grown on me.

      Like, nothing against him or the FE Prime, but I think those deluxes go above & beyond filling the void of their respective lines & characters, and at a much more favorable price + availability to boot.

      (Figured I'd reply here to our pm since my inbox is overflowing)
    6. jgoss
      things are great my family moved into a new place. much nicer than the last many times did you see dotm?
    7. jgoss
      hi shadow how are things in new york?
    8. Eric
      Your sig made me :lol
    9. jgoss
      good morning what did you think about the trailer? i thought it was EPIC!
    10. jgoss
      hey shadow how are you? been awhile
    11. Hiraga
      Hey, just wanted to let you know that TF5 is coming to an end soon. Let me know what you have to say about it! :)
    12. FanimusMaximus
      Yeah, I wish customizing the characters war a little more....colorful.
    13. FanimusMaximus
      quite. I still cant believe that IGN gave it a 9 out of 10!
    14. FanimusMaximus
      Can you believe this game?
    15. jgoss
      hi shadow how are you? i read rising sun and in your arms by black orcale one word incredible.
    16. Bort826TFWorld
      Where are ya man? I haven't gotten any response!
    17. Bort826TFWorld
      Well, we got an opening scene. Whuddya dink?
    18. Bort826TFWorld
      I need you to clear the inbox because I need to send an edit of my pm to ya.
    19. jgoss
      have you done a update yet?
    20. jgoss
      hi shadow how are you?
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