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Oct 26, 2019
    1. actionfigure73
      Patriot Prime here, is this Shane Hai?
      1. SHADDO
        Hey, Jason!

        Yep, this is Shane.
        Mar 19, 2019
    2. SHADDO
      Ahhhh, I understand. Since I never had a G1 for any comparison other than the Hasbro pamphlets etc., I was thinking the neck was a little longer, but hey, like I said, yours is awesome as is.

      I only wish I had the extra parts lying around to try and attempt one myself. Your Skylynx and another guy's Ultra Magnus on here are just fantastic recreations of those G1 characters. As a Transformers fan, and as an artist myself, I can definitely appreciate the artistry, talent, and skill that goes into creating such masterpieces, not to mention the unbridled enthusiasm.

      Thanks for the response, by the way. Maybe I could get customizing advice from you here and there, if you wouldn't mind. I'm what you might call a novice customizer at this point, so I have things I want to do, but don't really have the expertise yet to accomplish them at the level I expect of myself.

      Keep up the awesome work. I look forward to checking out more of your stuff as I find it.
    3. manyoufactsure
      Why didn't u like Sky Lynx (just kidding). Adding any more to the head would mess with the other modes. I'm happy with the neck length since G1 SL didn't have a very long neck and this one is super possible. Thanks for the comments. The paint has plenty of boo boos and I even cut off two boosters that I shouldnt have. Sky Lynx had 5 boosters but I never compared with G1 until after I had already cut them off. Oops. Take care.
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