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    1. seoservices
      It's no wonder business owners feel overwhelmed when faced with having to choose one SEO company out of so many. Fortunately, there are ways to differentiate the good from the bad, and still find a service that is affordable. There are three main characteristics to look for in an SEO firm:
    2. seoservices
      The Top Three Qualities of a Great SEO Service
      1. Offers Full Transparency
      There is a good chance that you will feel uneasy having an online service manage your Google Analytics, PPC Campaign and making changes to your website.
      The ideal Safe Rank Backlinks SEO service will have a project management system that their client can log into. This will be the same platform that the team uses to communicate project details. This gives the customer the opportunity to monitor the work, offer suggestions and always be guaranteed that their SEO service is providing value to their marketing strategy.
    3. seoservices
      2. A Full Spectrum Service
      A variety of capabilities is necessary when hiring for search engine optimization services. Some of the departments that should be available include:
      • SEO Service
      • PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Management
      • Social Media
      • Content Writing
      • Site Analysis
      • Split Testing
      • Free Consultations
      It's very rare for a business to require all of these services but should the need arise, it is ideal to already be partnered with a firm that knows your business and has the team, experience and capabilities to take your online marketing campaign to the next level.
      Keep in mind that there are affordable services and then there is downright cheap. You get what you pay for; everyone knows that. Don't be fooled into thinking that thirty dollars will solve all of your marketing problems. Internet marketing takes a lot of work and technical ability. There are many SEO services that have been perfecting their "Internet-Fu" for well over a decade.
    4. seoservices
      3. No Unnecessary Services and Up Selling
      SEO companies are notorious for selling outdated strategies and downright ridiculous services. An example of this is website submissions to the search engines. The search engines crawl and index websites all on their own, making this step completely unnecessary.
      There are other strategies such as content distribution, while effective and even necessary, can be "oversold." A website may need a few press releases, articles and blog posts but they do not need 30 a week!
    5. seoservices
      How to Talk to a Potential SEO Service
      When you call for information it's important to make sure that the company knows what they are talking about and that they are explaining their services clearly and simply. Many SEO firms try to hide behind industry jargon, pushy tactics or a lot of promises.
      It also really helps to get a sense of their passion for the industry. A scripted and tired sales person will only pass you along to an equally scripted and tired set of campaign managers. When a company truly loves what they do, and they treat every new campaign as an exciting challenge, you can be sure that your business will get the attention it deserves with fresh and innovative strategies.
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