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    1. The621

      One of my coworkers said to another that Frozen for little girls and overrated. The other coworker loves Frozen, claimed it's the best movie.

      A customer's daughter walks up and my coworker who likes Frozen asked her, "Do you like Frozen?" She answered, "Yes." So the other coworker responds, "My point proven exactly!"

      True story! :D
    2. yavin1
      UBH Prime off GBT and Old Denton Tap Rd. Walmart. $25.00 each in clearance section....good luck
    3. ArceeMe
    4. eagc7
      its only because sometimes i am not sure if someone would recheck the thread, i posted the comment right after i posted in the thread (thus you havent re-checked it yet) just in case u didnt rechecked the thread and from what it seems you did rechecked the thread, thats why i posted it here and in the thread
    5. eagc7
      Ice Age 1 & 3 are good, havent seen the 2nd one. That said, they are the my least favorite of the Dreamworks animated franchises and they remind me too much of the Land Before time franchise that was driven into the ground...
      Dreamworks never made the Ice Age Films, Ice Age was made by Blue Sky (same studio who did Robots, Horton Hears a Who and Rio)
    6. seeker311
      a friend past it along to me; im trying to find out from him if its legit
    7. Arbitron
      Where did you find that Halo 2 Anniversary picture?
    8. ArceeMe
      hey let me know whats going on with the SG figs man. If I dont hear something by the 25th I'll figure your selling to someone else. ^.^
    9. eagc7
      Cant really ignore it, since DOTM got:
      The matrix
      Sam mentions saving the world twice
      Primes wings and trailer
      Wheelie alludes to knowing Mikeala
      The ship that the Wreckers have been keeping care of, and the mention that Sideswipe and company came in it

      All are connected to ROTF
      Optimus never had a trailer and the Trailer power up mode in ROTF
    10. Danger**PIG**
      No problem hope to see at the next meet up will keep u updated on info
    11. OVR_RUN
      hey whats your gamertag bro? do you get on MW2 or WFC? will be getting Reach this weekend.
    12. OVR_RUN
      naw not yet, it might be a few weeks before i can get a wireless adapter for my box, but i should get reach tomorrow.
    13. seeker311
      Any of you guys on face book?
    14. OVR_RUN
      whats up! yea its been a while since ive checked the sightings threads, but i did manage to get a temparary job over the holidays and might be able to get something better in the next month or so. anyways over the holiday's a friend gave me the supreme Devy, man is he kinda fun. how about you? how have things been for you and your new family?
    15. jackets
    16. Lock Cade
      Lock Cade
      Yes. Really. I'm leaving. Like, forever.
    17. anovasinn
      i sent you an invite and i opened the group to anyone :)
    18. ILoveDinobot
      Woo, another social worker! *high five*
    19. BumbleBabe
      Thank you!!
    20. BumbleBabe
      I have an older brother so he pretty much started my obsession :) What about you?
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