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    1. Scyla
      Damn I should add "read threads fully" to my New Year's resolutions list. Maybe I replace the "keep the speed limits" entry ;) .

      Thanks again. I like the toy also. Compared with my other two Masterpieces (Black Convoy and Skywarp) he looks very organic and has a sleek alt mode. At first I was a little bit disappointed (especially when the joint broke) because I compared him with my 1/60 DX Valkyries but having him in hand I appreciate the engineering more and more.
    2. SydneyY
      I know a couple of people on the boards mentioned they "might" embark on the project. If you go to the end of the feedback thread, MegaMoonMan is asking for interested members to post.
      I'm sort of glad I didn't read the feedback before getting him. Had I know I wouldn't have bought him, but having him in hand now, he is so gorgeous and I'm still very happy :)
    3. Scyla
      Thanks Sidney. I just finished the repair. I didn't glue the washer in because it still holds due do friction. I had to rasp the washer a little bit down and now the gab at the thigh is almost not noticeable.

      Too bad I didn't read the thread in advance. And I thought I did all my MP Rodimus Homework. I wonder if this is such a widespread issue why nobody made some replacement parts at Shapeways. I wish I hat some spare time to get into CAD design.

      I really appreciated your help. Thanks again.
    4. SydneyY
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