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Nov 24, 2018
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Nov 24, 2018
    1. Basilisk
      Your Motor Master custom is awesome!
    2. plowking
      Merry Christmas!!
    3. pumpkingonzo
      Love your MP Perceptor!
    4. jbwkkl
      Hello, I'm a big fan of your customs. I was just curious, do you do commissions, and how much would it cost to get a set of "masterpiece Swoop" wings and heads/neck parts. I'm looking to do similar "upgrades" to my own Generations Silverbolt.
    5. supervir2
    6. Destructicon 1
      Destructicon 1
      So is today the day you unveil Piranicon?
    7. supervir2
      Hey Shawn! Can you send me an update when you get a chance?
    8. supervir2
    9. Master Blaster
      Master Blaster
      Hey there man, had to tell you that your Omega Supremes are absolutely amazing.

      Though I do have two small queries::

      1) Do you do commission work?
      2) How much did it cost to build such a beaut? I'd love to get one of my own for my collection, though I admit I'd be happy with one the size of energon OS.

      hope to hear from ya, your styrene work is inspirational!

      (Tried to Pm ya but apparently your inbox is full. Feel free to PM me back opposed to out in the open if you prefer:) )
    10. supervir2
      Had to work both Thursday and Friday (such is life in medicine), but got to see my family in the evenings and this weekend, so I can't complain! You?
    11. supervir2
    12. The Crow
      The Crow
      Hey Shawn, hope all is well. I was hoping I can be able to purchase one of your custom sculpted Omega Supreme face. Hope you can help. Thanks
    13. Tyrannosaur
      Hey I figured that since you're into dinosaur models you'd check this guy out here:

      I ordered a Gorgosaurus and got it in the mail just last week. They take 3-4 weeks to make and to get shipped you where you live but man is it worth it! They're fantastic resin kits.

      I'd love to see what you'd come up with :) especially that 1:8 scale Tyrannosaurus!
    14. Superquad7
      RAAAAAaaaaarrrrr!!! :)

      (That's me doing an impression of one of your dinos :))
    15. Disruptor
      Hello, I was just wondering if you stilhl do head sculpts for sale? and if yes, if you have a set to replace figures for the stunticons? i would need deluxe size for three, and the RID prime would be my motormaster... thank you in advance for your time, and any help you can provide
    16. Toei
      Can you answer me please?
    17. Toei
      Did you get my last private message?
    18. Toei
      Hey. It's me again.

      I was wondering, some other time, could you make some customs of Fortress Maximus and Grand Maximus?

      Now right now though. I'm a little busy trying to buy a Grandus from somebody else here right now. But would those toys be okay?
    19. exclusacon
      Just wondering what your rates for commission work?
    20. Long_Haul
      hey bro. check out my new Custom mane, youll like it
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