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Starscream's Brigade, from San Jose, CA

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Jan 15, 2024
    1. rctan9
      Thanks for shipping me that MP Grimmy, I owe you one!
    2. MasterxBlaster
      Yo Sali, do you have a collections thread? i wana see what the Toy Lair of a God looks like! haha~!!
    3. Mousesi2k
      Hey Sali, just wondering if you got my PM about them Zombies!
    4. Agent-GHQ
      Yes, I need about 40 for my Junkion army procject. So pls score as much sa you can and I'll buy them off of you at retail price plus what you think is a service see and shipping
    5. Agent-GHQ
      How many Junkheaps do you have??
    6. Dadimus Prime
      Dadimus Prime
      Hey Bro, did you get my last pm about the MU figs?
    7. blackout501st
      :lolol I've already got like 20 movie bumblebees anyway. What's 2 more gonna hurt?? XD
    8. blackout501st
      Hey sali, you have the new bumblebee and nitro bumblebee right? Would you say either of them are worth picking up?
    9. blackout501st
      Ok thanks man. I'll give that a shot at the targets I stop buy today
    10. blackout501st
      Oh and you mentioned the numbers 221 as opposed to 220 on the wave 2 figures. Dose that mean their serial number? Or what?
    11. blackout501st
      thanks for the tip dude. i will try and implement it in my searching. at the very least, we only have a few days left till the DOTM stuff hits EN MASS everywhere. so if i dont find them before then, i will find them on the 17th for sure. thanks again!
    12. blackout501st
      hey dude i wanted to ask you about shockwave and skyhammer. how did you get yours? as far as i know there is no way to tell wave 1 boxes from wave 2 boxes. so pretty much have to rely on luck. ive been to a bunch of targets in my aria, no luck yet. i was just curious if there was a better way to do this. i usually ask them to look specifically for shockwave and skyhammer, but tonight on my way home i stopped at a target, and asked for one there, i had the target lady chew me out about how you cant ask for specific figures and how none of the targets should have looked for the figures i asked for and yadda yadda yadda.. so ya any tips would go a long way. thanks pal! :thumb
    13. madhatprime
      Hey, I think I'm going to get Wreck Gar and Perceptor from Blumpy, he found a couple. Sorry, but he is right near me.... Thanks anyways though....Also what are you still looking for? I know him and I will keep an Eye out..
    14. Seawing
      Thanks for the heads up SALI. I couldn't make it over there on Thursday and when I checked it out yesterday, they were gone. Oh well maybe next time...
      (btw I could only make it to the Coleman Target; didn't have time to checkout Story RD Target).
    15. mikeflosi
      Yea finally! I swear it was like pulling teeth to find that guy. He's also available on hasbro toy shop.... so I would have got him. I was patient.
    16. Agent-GHQ
      Gawd damn! 5 Jazz and 3 Tracks!!! Btw, have you seen BB Battle Ops Costo exclusive in San Jose area?
    17. orionpax636
      Yes, I do. Where do you operate out of and how much is it? I'm willing to pay you to ship it to me, but I may be able to meet you somewhere too. I live in the Contra Costa/East Bay area. Thanks!
    18. Dragonclaw
      We open at 10 close at 7 :)
    19. Dragonclaw
      Currently...Hailstorm, Highbrow, Blue Fallen, BB Optimus, and the wave 3 PCCS are in stock...hopefully Wednesday will have MORE :)
    20. Razorlight6
      Yo SALI, you'll probably see my message in CCC thread, but I picked up those asian TRU Joes you told me about. The funny thing is, Spirit looks Japanese though he's Native American, and Quick Kick looks Chinese though he's Japanese. Silly toy designers.
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