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Apr 10, 2024
Apr 2, 2005
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Apr 10, 2024
    1. rodimusprime2007
      Dont worry about a Prime for me. After missing out on him in Nebraska and Kansas this weekend, I said F it and bought one off of Ebay. Ill probably kick myself later when theres 6 boxes of him sitting at a TRU like the MP Cracker.
    2. rodimusprime2007
      Picked up Green G from a fellow member, gotta say I really love this over Herc.
    3. rodimusprime2007
      Yeah Im keeping Brute and Super. They were always 2 of my favorites, really wish I would have kept the Snowman version though. Cant wait for Giant, and Im starting to think you cant even give a Battle Tanker away anymore. I had that on Ebay 3 times before here and not 1 bid.
    4. rodimusprime2007
      Just pmd the guy, if he wants Herc than he can have him. It will actually save me cash in the long run, I ont have a reason to buy Uranus. Now on to FPs Menasor. Part of me is just really disappointed in Herc with how frickn floppy he is.
    5. rodimusprime2007
      Dude, after seeing all of these people and their Giant love, I really wish I would have just traded you. Anyway I hope youre enjoying all those green bots you have. On another note, drop me a line on the Battletanker, my son has been eyeballing him lately, if he doesnt want him than he will still be here.
    6. rodimusprime2007
      Ill be giving you an answer this week, my Rage of Herc set should be here this week. Just want to see what he looks like in person with that on there. Later
    7. rodimusprime2007
      Just checkn on something else, would you be interested in a Revo G1 Prime, Megs, Starscream and Rodimus. They all have their boxes, One of Rods hands broke at the joint when I was changing it out. The only reason I ever kept them around was because of Herc. If not thats cool, theres always Ebay. Trying to dump a Toynami 25th ANN Voltron too, MIB, displayed very shortly if you know anyone thats into it. Ill be keeping in touch.
    8. rodimusprime2007
    9. rodimusprime2007
      Hey man, emailed you. Just lettn ya know. Pm was too full.
    10. Ruthless Cynic
      Ruthless Cynic
      More Storage/Display Space. I got a child addicted to Transformers today I think. I gave him a basic in my office while I was discussing business with his father. It quieted right away. Transformers silencing children for decades.
    11. Iconicon
      Now what are you hunting for in the for sale section? LOL
    12. newmanium
      Me too. Fortunately there are only a few dotm figures that interest me
    13. newmanium
      How are things?
    14. x BlackMagnus x
      x BlackMagnus x
      You don't, I was just randomly making friends.
    15. alfred p. sloan
      alfred p. sloan
      Great Screen Name :)
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