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    1. Skylanderformer
      Hey, bit of a weird question about the patreon. if i pay once a month, do i receive every file made in the past or whatever that months project was?
      i don't own a lot of figures so i wouldn't use a mojority of the files.
      1. rusticon
        Whoops, just saw this message. Patrons get access to all files past and present.
        Sep 18, 2022
    2. marvel b
      marvel b
      Yo Rusticon! Let me begin with saying I love all your 3D projects, especially the Dinomus upgrade. I do have one quick question tho. Did you ever do the Big Convoy Matrix Cannon/Buster thing? I know I'm coping in asking that, but I figured if anyone made one with maximum fun and BLOOOSH compatability, it would be you. Have a great day!
      1. rusticon
        Howdy do and thanks for the kind words and so glad that you're liking the addon bits!

        Haven't done that particular piece yet, mostly because we don't have a Big Convoy in the collection... yet.... :P
        May 26, 2022
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