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Dec 6, 2014
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Dec 6, 2022
    1. byrnez
      Great to have met a real member as you have shown, it was refreshing to meet someone as polite and respectful as you friend:)
    2. byrnez
      Great to here you and partner are parents for the first time, I love when I get the surprise of finding out their sex on the day they are born rather than doctor spoiling it, child No4 a girl brought emotions out of me that I feel a bit know reflecting on this, 3 girls 1 son , constantly reminding me to love life.
      Transformers in the 80's was a big part of my childhood as were all the other cool retro cartoon's which have captivated me to this day. Beastwars was on tv in 90's and I immediately loved the whole concept, it was then I had a renewed interest. I owned many of series one and sold them all . Years later other lines of Transformers appeared in stores MINICONS and one by one from scratch the collection started again. It was my memory of displaying Beastwars figures that seen me acquire all I had sold and from there the rest is history. It is now that Transformers are at their best, it is a great time to be a fan.:drool:
    3. byrnez
      Happy to make you acquaintance fellow enthusiast and value your opinion on every thing factual and self imagined. In my short time here I have made an ass of myself and I am only now learning to plot along without the aid of training wheels, disapproval of moderators and wife's intervention. I am a father of 4 beautiful souls in which I thank God for every day and with the unconditional love of a wife, I will make it in the end of days. Look forward to getting to know what makes collecting Transformers a major part of your time.
    4. byrnez
      Beastwars fan 100% nice to meet here in cyberspace...:crazy:CZECH
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