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    1. Optimus Clyde
      Optimus Clyde
      Cool. Yeah, those are the ones I thought they were.

      Here's a link to the "Goblin" Queen statue I mentioned. She's hot!
      Goblin Queen Exclusive Statue - Marvel Statues, Busts, Prop Replicas Statues at BigBadToyStore Goblin Queen Exclusive Statue: Toys & Games

      OOOOHH! It looks like she's available on eBay for near origianl price!
      goblin queen, Collectibles, jean grey items on

      Me day! :)
    2. SydneyY
      That's a good price, congrats! And I think the buyer should be happy, she's really a nice toy.
      The other '07 movie ones, you'll never know ;) Good luck!
    3. SydneyY
      So did you get to sell Black Arcee?
    4. Optimus Clyde
      Optimus Clyde
      Uuuuhhh.... I think I am. I can't remember EVER having to be so busy AND learn so much new stuff at the same time. Wow... LOL

      What's up with you, man? How's work? What happened with the girl?
    5. REDLINE
      no, I don't like how fantasy baseball works. I played in a yahoo! league year before last and didn't have any fun at all :( and I love baseball!
    6. Trailbreaker77
      No, in fact the last 5 busts I have purchased have all been from them. Sometimes I get a bust that is broken or missing a piece the replace it or send me a refund including return shipping. HIGHLY RECOMMEND by me good luck on your bidding.
    7. Delphan Rane
      Delphan Rane
      Ahh...well, check again cuz I'm on all 3 24/7 most of the time.
    8. Delphan Rane
      Delphan Rane
      Dude, check out my stats... And oh wait who's the leader of the "Prime" group? ;) :p
    9. Foster
      Fo' sho!
    10. Trailbreaker77
      Yea, but they are all gone now you might get lucky on e-bay but doubt it. I think you missed out on the good deal time due to the bust count being so small.
    11. Delphan Rane
      Delphan Rane
      Ha ha, been alive for a long time. :p
    12. SydneyY
      Thanks for the add!
    13. Trailbreaker77
      Nope I have two of them just getting rid of one. I am catching up on them a lot has hit the market recently but I think the line is done after Galvatron so I will be forced out of the game.
    14. Bodhar2000
      Thanks for the Friend Request! I am up to 6 now ^_^
    15. Trailbreaker77
      Hey, Toyrocket has taken down the exclusive trio busts. Have you heard anything about this? I have an e-mail into them let you know what I hear.
    16. hXcpunk23
      Hey man, sorry I didn't get back to you until now. Right now, I'm mostly collecting (and kitbashing) Classics/Universe stuff. I do collect G1/Reissues/Encore stuff from time to time, but I pretty much stick to the new stuff that interests me right now. How about you, bro? What are you collecting right now? Catch ya later, man.
    17. Trailbreaker77
      Do you have the Jazz bust yet? If not Toyrocket is selling them cheap on e-bay. I got mine for $25.85 shipped. Just wanted to let you know.
    18. Gears
      I mean Ryu.
    19. Gears
      Woah, Ken is powerful...
    20. Optimus Clyde
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