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Nov 2, 2004
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Jul 16, 2022
    1. Optimus Clyde
      Optimus Clyde
      LOL Cool. Worked that time. Thanks. :thumb
    2. zero minor
      zero minor
      yo hows it hanging
    3. Optimus Scourge
      Optimus Scourge
      I do know how it is. I paid for a one year membership, and with no job, I find it hard to get motivated. Send me a PM with your number, I don't have it. Also had trouble with Messenger lately.
    4. Optimus Scourge
    5. Bgrngod
      Oh wow... That's some awesome pointers right there! Thanks a ton for taking the time writing this all up for us. The Skytower and the tower from Paihia sound like sure things for our itinerary. Unfortunately we only have 16 days, which I thought for sure would be quite a bit of time, but everyone who is giving us ideas has laughed and said that's really short. We may have to save some things for a second trip a year later or so. It's starting to look like we might go North Island on this trip, and South Island on the next.

      And she said adding something to my sig would do no good... ha! We've started getting a little competitive with coming up for the coolest stuff to do and I'm destroying her thanks to TFW members making suggestions. Thanks again for the awesome contribution so I can continue taunting her!
    6. Optimus Clyde
      Optimus Clyde
      This is a bad@$$ custom. But is there usually an Autobot symbol on Nemesis Prime?

      Transformers Custom RotF Voyager Nemesis Prime w/extras - eBay (item 130318553433 end time Jul-20-09 14:36:32 PDT)
    7. Bgrngod
      I was hoping to know about places to see and things to do. I'm going there for a 16 day honeymoon in Nov/Dec. Any tips on "things you MUST do while in NZ" would be rad.
    8. Gears
    9. Trailbreaker77
      Thanks, great pic I wanted to show the wife how big Fort Max was. Awesome pickup man!
    10. CharIJoe
      sign on to your yahoo doofy
    11. Optimus Scourge
      Optimus Scourge
      Find a way to get here, and we will go to TFCon and sell it, you gotta sell cheap, but no ebay fees. Make it happen :)
    12. Razerwire
      I didn't know you even liked baseball. You FAILed to tell me.
    13. Razerwire
      Well then you should've paid attention to the fantasy baseball thread when it was created eons ago! ATTENTION PAY!
    14. Razerwire
      Join it now? We're like 5 weeks into the season already!
    15. Optimus Scourge
      Optimus Scourge
      I forgot to mention I have a very select few RID Armada, Energon, only the best 3 or 4 from each
      yeah, nobody buying, I sold mine to a dealer for half value, plus trade credit for the stuff I posted in the Joe thread. I have what I need and can't keep up...
      Honestly want to take a break from collecting, garb somthing I really like if mood strikes, I cant stand the new movie toys of either franchise, really.
    16. Optimus Scourge
      Optimus Scourge
      I unloaded all the ones I wanted, (Kept Prime, wingsaber, and Nemesis Breaker for my Galaxy Force Nemesis Prime ;)

      I sold of tons of troops of Cobra's, I just have nowhere for this stuff.

      (Kept all the Joes, well, my default versions anyways, sold lots of troopers and Vipers - did keep all my 10 BATS :)

      I'm down to a complete g1 (which I am really thinking of selling off all but 84-85 (I have 84-88)
      My MP/Alternator collection,
      Universe 2.0/Classics, (no Cybertron molds except for Countdown - I never had the original mold, anyways)

      And Animated has a shelf
    17. Optimus Scourge
      Optimus Scourge
      I actually unloaded quite a few at TFCon, but, yeah, still slow with the rest.
    18. Optimus Clyde
      Optimus Clyde
      Hmmmmm..... Might as well put me on the in-debt-for-life payment plan. :)
    19. Optimus Clyde
      Optimus Clyde
      I'm lovin' this Cybertron Prime! And I combined him with TRU Movie Wingblade. Bad-@$$! Now that I know what the original Wing Saber looked like, I'd kinda rather have him. But that's okay. I'm VERY happy! :)
    20. Optimus Clyde
      Optimus Clyde
      Well, crap. I never see anything come back... That's okay. It's time for me to shut down and go home anyway. :( We'll try again tomorrow.
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