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    1. Gears
      Transfor Soundwave not Available for Purchase Online Until July 18th 201 zNI | eBay
    2. LamboTwinLove
      she's been making little mini ones that she sells at TFcon but she's not doing commissions last she and I spoke on the subject. They just take a lot of time and she gets swamped with tons of orders.
    3. Ratchets Hatch
      Ratchets Hatch
      Love that sig!
    4. Agent Adam
      Agent Adam
      Yeah I don't know what the deal is. Those two packs made me mad. I wanted the Arkham City Robin/Two-Face one.. but it coming without Robin's staff made it less appealing. I actually picked up the single carded Nightwing tonight who I had never seen before.. first Mattel toy I've bought in.. well ever.
    5. Agent Adam
      Agent Adam
      I haven't seen a restock for awhile. I think they jacked up the price too.
    6. JasonTheX
      well played sir. The hunt is to you.
    7. LamboTwinLove
      Yeah, and if she does go back into commissions I'll know because I have been dying for a Sunstreaker. She's actually been doing some more TF plushies recently but they're all prototype things in spare time to work on better patterns. So, I will keep you in mind.
    8. LamboTwinLove
      My friend made it for me. She's on here her name is PuppyLove. She does a comic on here I think. She's done a few TF plushies... but she's not taking commission now cause life blew up.

      puppylove: March 2009 There are some pics here.
    9. KnightHawkke
    10. KnightHawkke
      Hah yeah he just asked, well I will plug it in, but then it is relaxin time.
    11. KnightHawkke
      Oh yeah, when scaling things down that far it is reallly hard to keep resolution, at least I don't know how to any better of there is a way. The blue one is kinda stretched.
    12. KnightHawkke
    13. Gears
      i texted u
    14. amberbratt
    15. Lazerwave
      What's lame?

      Is it because There are no First Editions in USA and there might not be, the fact that Canada has them first or Voyager Optimus Prime in general.
    16. SydneyY
      I was just going to message you. I came back from a holiday yesterday and picked up my parcel from the post office. There were 2 Skywarps!
    17. SydneyY
      are you telepathic?!
    18. amberbratt
      Been here for years ;D
    19. TFanTex
      Thanks for passing along the link. Appreciate your consideration. I joined the DFW group. Hope all is well.
    20. SydneyY
      No worries! I'll definitely let you know what I get. Since I failed to pick up EZ Thundercracker, now I am not too fussed about Skywarp. The ones I want are Bluestreak and Megs. Cross fingers first for you finding a deal in the US though, because of the postage from here, but I'll let you know nonetheless :)
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