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    1. Superquad7
      The image size is right for your siggy (must be between 500 X 300 pixels), but your file size is off (>40kb). I HIGHLY recommend this freeware program: FastStone Photo Resizer - Powerful Image Converter/Resizer

      It's freeware, and easy to use. When I work on my own photos or galleries for here, I use it. It's great for resizing images, but also you can rename a batch of files all at once!
    2. deltaprime
      Hey, thanks for the friend request! By the way, I like your customs. :thumb
    3. jetfire1970
      Become a fan on my Transformers Facebook page:
      Trans-Rouse Unlimited | Facebook
    4. Superquad7
      Hey hey boy, I hope you're doin' alright :)
    5. jetfire prime
      jetfire prime
      the gimmick for HA sideswipe is that you can pull up the middle part of his face like its some sort of battle mask. its kinda cool but kinda meh at the same time
    6. guard convoy
      guard convoy
      sadly there is no pics, but i was reading the allspark feed and it mentioned a triple changing straxus (name darkmound for legal reasons" has a g1 accurate head and an awesome axe
    7. Dremare
    8. Dremare
      You live in Texas, too? High five!!
    9. Hornet01
      Hi seasons greetings!!!:)
    10. Kat
      BOO! YOu have been hit with the ghost of halloween, now past it to friends before you get turned into a ghost yourself!
      Hahahahaha Happy Halloween!
    11. PRIMEMAN3457
      thanks for voiting
    12. Hornet01
    13. Superquad7
      Infinite Creativity |

      Scroll down to the "Integrative Ethics Statements" to find out more about what I think concerning what we were discussing :)
    14. Superquad7
      You're welcome :) Glad I can help :)
    15. Superquad7
      1 Timothy 5:1-3 and Ephesians 6:1-4 were the two citations I was thinking of, particularly the passage from Paul to Timothy. He speaks of taking care of one's parents as a "repayment" of honor. NIV Bible :: New International Version :: Official Site :thumb
    16. REDLINE
      eh, ok I guess. I work too hard for the money I make! I've had so little time for customs, heck, even web work, it's pretty aggravating. :(
    17. REDLINE
      Hey bud. You must be a pretty busy guy between kids, wife, job, and making customs!
    18. hyperdrive89
      Hey Mister Rumble . Your signature is very cool , but i kind of want to see the other bots in it a higher resolution than the small sig .. where can i see them , maybe with the alternate modes as well . I am asking this because i am making for myself an archive of custom transformers
    19. Hornet01
      I'm really bored!!!:lol
    20. Hornet01
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