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May 5, 2007
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Feb 28, 2024 at 10:17 AM
    1. heatherbeast
      Lovin' the art. Will be watching on dA too. :)
    2. Red Goblin
      Red Goblin
      Haha, thanks
    3. Red Goblin
      Red Goblin
      As I remember I got it from TakaraTomy's website. But it was ROTF render, I add the new chest and weapons from DOTM banner.
    4. eagc7
      Collapsed tunnels, huh? Sounds like confirmation that Shocky is connected somehow to the tenctacle drill bot thing.
      yes he is connected to it, as in the comics confirms this

      In Foundation: he is amazed by the Creature
      in Rising Storm: the drill bot is shockwave "pet"
    5. eagc7
      um okay?, Btw ya saw the pic of sentinel priem from DOTM?
    6. eagc7
      The Incredible hulk Never Retconne d the 2003 hulk film, TIH is a Reboot which means it Dosen takes place in the same contintuy has the 2003 hulk movie
    7. ironarm
      soundwave will be in season 2 if ya wanna play him.
    8. jackets
      a godzilla fan?
    9. Tyrannosaur
      Godzilla fans, UNITE! lol
    10. Tyrannosaur
      Thanks for the friend request :D
    11. Tyrannosaur
      Yeah, I am pretty confused too. I know it is off topic but WTF?
      That was about an earlier topic I started about some kid who was stalking my little brother, sending him death threats, phone calls etc. he got arrested (At age 15) and thrown into a juvenile denention center ;) no more problems since then.
    12. mampy
      Hey Mampy. I know you use clear coat to seal the gel ink pin striping, correct? Well, I have a bunch of sealant I used to use on artwork (graphite and charcoal drawings) would work, or should I pick up some spray paint clear coat? Danke!
      Hey man. I wouldn't really know if your sealants would work well or not. I used automotive clear coat AND Future Floor polish afterwards. I recommend that you try it out on some junk plastic first and see what works for you. Practice doing the pinstripes on the flames as well. :)
    13. cnic
      Hey come check out our new ROTF video game site Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen - Index
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